Destiny 2 Streamer Completes Master Nightfall With WASD Keys Unbound

A Destiny 2 streamer has completed a solo Master Nightfall run without the ability to move. With the WASD keys unbound, Esoterrick was forced to rely on abilities, sword swings, and the Arc Titan’s Thundercrash super to get around the map.

Esoterrick is a Destiny 2 streamer that mostly produces helpful guides for the community. Occasionally he’ll go on challenge runs, mostly soloing Destiny’s hardest content. This time, however, he took on the challenge of completing The Disgraced Mater Nightfall alone and with the WASD keys unbound. That eliminated the game’s normal movement methods, forcing Esoterrick to get creative with his build.

At the start of the video, we see that Esoterrick’s Arc 3.0 Titan is mostly a grenade-focused build with max Resilience and Discipline and mods that will work with Heart of Inmost Light to give him an absurdly low grenade cooldown. Then he chooses the Thruster ability in place of the usual barrier. When used on the ground, Thruster makes the character take a step backward and serves as Esoterrick’s main form of ambulation. His other method of movement is a sword that allows him to make quicker dashes over larger distances in cases of emergency.

Thundercrash is normally a boss-deleting Super ability, but in this case, Esoterrick uses it purely to get around. Most of the damage comes from spamming Storm Grenades, which can delete whole packs of mobs and even mini-bosses at once.

In terms of weapons, Osteo Striga is a solid way of killing random mobs, while a Solar Scout Rifle provides anti-barrier (a primary is better here as Esoterrick can’t move to pick up special ammo). The sword can slice a few enemies that get close, but the real workhorse of the build is grenade spam.

Esoterrick’s progress is slow and methodical, wiping out each room and killing champions as they appear. When caught out, Esoterrick whips out his sword to perform a quick dash back to cover before turning his back every time he wants to start taking steps forward again. Thundercrash is used to traverse the empty distances between the Nightfall’s set piece combat scenes.

It’s not the fastest time to beat The Disgraced, but 18 minutes is quite respectable given the limitations in place here. Next, we should challenge Esoterrick to beat a Nightfall without left-clicking.

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