Diablo 3 Introducing More Themed Seasons, New Legendary Powers

Diablo 3 is more than seven years old, but Blizzard has kept it alive with ports and a slew of updates that have essentially made it a live game. More is on the way, as the developer has now shared a look at its plans for Diablo 3’s future, including a commitment to communicate better with the fans.

First and foremost, Blizzard says the addition of themed seasons has been a huge boon to the game. These special rule sets added some variety for players who enjoy making regular Diablo runs but may have been growing tired of having a similar seasonal experience every few months. Blizzard says that Seasons 16 and 17 were among the most successful seasons overall; with Season 16 on PC almost tied Season 11, when the game introduced the Necromancer class.

To that end, Blizzard says it is working on more Themed Seasons, new sets for each class, and dozens of Legendary powers, along with the usual suite of balance changes. It also said that some quality-of-life and gameplay system updates are on the way too.

“These updates won’t arrive all at once, so if you don’t see something for your class right away, don’t worry; there’s something coming for everyone,” the blog states.

Blizzard also says that it plans to continue using the condensed public test realm (PTR) format, which limits the testing phase to a single week. The studio said it will give credit to great feedback from the community that results in actual changes to the game. Finally, Blizzard committed to “more frequent presence and interaction from our community team” to be more communicative.

This news comes as Blizzard prepares to wrap up Season 17 of the loot-based action RPG and roll into Season 18. Though the announcement that it will continue the trend of Themed Seasons gives us some insight about what we’re in for next, the studio is likely to share more details as we approach the actual release.

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