Diablo Immortal Server Merge Bug Dissolves Clan And Prevents It From Reforming

Things have always been a little weird when it came to Diablo Immortal’s Clan system. Just last month, we found out that clans that hadn't been active in quite some time had managed to fight their way into the top-ten of the game's leaderboard. Now, a recent server merge has caused some clans to just plain disappear. Blizzard's compensation for the bug has been judged pretty weak by fans, and worse, some are even reporting that they can't re-form their dissolved clans.

As noted by Reddit user melvinxie (via Games Radar), Blizzard sent a gift to all those who lost their clans after the merge. "Dear player," begins Blizzard, "after the Server Merge, there were unexpected bugs causing a disband from your Shadow Clan. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to you and your team. I encourage you and [your] team to gather again to protect Sanctuary."

Blizzard's compensation included two Legendary crests, some gems, 300 scrap materials, and 30 Enchanted Dust. That's not nothing, but it's not sitting well with former clan members who are now being told to unlock their ranks and achievements completely from scratch.

"I'm stunned by how generous they are… not," wrote one Reddit user, while another added: "Those compensations are more insulting than no compensation at all." Others said that they received the same compensation even though they weren't playing on a server that merged.

Worse, some are even saying that they can't reform their clan at all. Reddit user Ragaara noted that some "affected players can't reform because of other issues that are part of the same bug."

This isn't the first time a Diablo Immortal change has resulted in some unintended consequences. When Blizzard banned third-party Immortal Orb purchases, it left some players in so much debt that they were basically forced to stop playing. Meanwhile, Blizzard reported Diablo Immortal earned over $100 million in lifetime revenue back in July.

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