Dinkum: Where To Find Mangrove Trees

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Are you a fan of farming simulation games? In case you are, it won't come as a surprise if you've been wanting to try Dinkum. This is a co-op farming game, which has made Steam charts go through the roof.

The indie game is set in an Australian-inspired, bright and sunny environment. Players of Dinkum may enjoy going on woodland adventures, growing crops on their farms, and building. Mangrove Sticks are a valuable resource that can be used to craft items. To collect Mangrove Sticks, you need to get Mangrove Trees. Read below to find out how to find them.

Before You Find Mangrove Trees

You must first get authorisation before cutting down any trees. Obtain a Logging Licence from Fletch (250 Permit Points). Once you're permitted to chop down Mangrove Trees, you need to purchase the right tool. To do that, make a purchase from John. Buy a Basic Axe (1200 Dinks) that you'll use to strike the trees down.

How To Find Mangrove Trees

Find Out What Mangrove Trees Look Like

Mangrove Trees are trees with narrow, brown trunks and very visible roots that spread far out. You'll also come across the Shrubs of these trees.

Find Mangrove Trees On The Minimap

The locations of Mangrove Trees vary. They're scattered around the island. However, here's the trick to locating where Mangrove Trees will be on the map. Look at your minimap and seek areas near the water that are marked in brown. The dark places that are indicated on the map show where Mangrove Trees and Mangrove Shrubs are located.

Mangrove Trees grant you more Mangrove Sticks than Mangrove Shrubs.

How To Get Mangrove Sticks From Trees And Shrubs

So, you've got your Licence and your Axe, and you've located where Mangrove Trees are likely to be based on the brown spots on your minimap. What's next? When you get to the Mangrove Trees, use your Axe to cut down the tree or shrub. You'll then be able to collect the Sticks.

Some Mangrove Sticks may fall in the water, so make sure you collect them out of there.

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