Dino Crisis Remake is on the way, but not from Capcom’s Resident Evil team

Capcom’s recent winning streak was given yet another boost earlier this year with the launch of its Resident Evil 2 remake – a faithful modernisation of the survival horror stunner that is no doubt on everyone’s game of the year shortlists.

However, as gamers are want to do, Capcom fans immediately started to discuss what the Japanese publisher should remake next. 

With Resident Evil 3: Nemesis borrowing many of the same locations and assets from RE2, it would make sense for this to be the next in line though there are plenty pining for the return of Dino Crisis instead.

Even if Capcom doesn’t plan on revisiting the dormant series any time soon, fans may still be able to get their hands on a modern remake.

Team Arklay is the studio currently making a run at it, hoping to revive this fossilised franchise using Unreal Engine 4 some twenty years after its debut on the original PlayStation back in 1998.

Team Arklay has uploaded four previews of its remake project, showcasing in-development footage.

For now, this includes several of the game’s environments, rebuilt from the ground up using Unreal technology.

Sadly, we’ve yet to see any familiar characters or dinosaurs. This looks like extremely early footage so don’t expect to a proper gameplay reel to appear any time soon.

There’s no guarantee that this Dino Crisis remake will actually see the light of day, either. At least not in a playable format. Team Arklay hasn’t outlined any plans or a discernible roadmap – it’s a fan project that could quite easily disappear.

Needless to say, this remake hasn’t been approved by Capcom and there’s a good chance the publisher will shut it down before it’s able to get off the ground.

That’s exactly what happened to Invader Studios’ “Resident Evil 2 Reborn HD”. The team had even got a fully playable demo up and running in Unreal Engine when Capcom forced them to cease development.

Even if this Dino Crisis remake meets a similar fate, it could help push Capcom closer towards making its own. 

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