Discord Gets Small-Audience Streaming Feature

[You might have seen this story when it went up yesterday based on a video Discord uploaded to their YouTube channel. It was pulled down when Discord informed us that the video was inaccurate and, thus, the story was as well. The company did not clarify what was inaccurate about it, so the story stayed down until they officially announced it. It does not appear that the story, which was confirmed officially today, has any differences from yesterday’s details.]

Streaming is obviously the big thing to do on Twitch, with streamers pulling in audiences of thousands of people to watch them play video games (usually). If you want a smaller, chill stream where you’re just showing the game you’re playing off to a few friends in a chatroom or a boss fight you don’t feel like recording, there’s not a ton of options out there. Discord has added a feature to help expand that short list.

You can stream to ten friends at 1080p and 60 frames per second, but subscribers of Discord’s premium service Nitro can hit 4K. It’s not exactly a high-end streaming service, but there’s value in keeping things small. Steam has had this ability for a few years, though I don’t know of anyone who uses it, and that service is kind of limited to Steam itself.

Between this and folders, Discord is going hard for the small-but-useful-feature market.

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