Disgaea 6: 7 Things Only Players Of The Previous Games In The Series Noticed

Disgaea has been around for a long time – it’s likely older than plenty of newcomers to the series. First taking root during the PS2 era, it defined the genre, innovated, and continued to expand upon those foundations. Fast forward a decade with change, and you have Disgaea 6, arguably the most accessible entry the series has ever had.

Disgaea 6 is very much a soft reset. Everything from the gameplay to graphics, to systems, has been tweaked and altered to offer something altogether new. These changes have altered the course of the series, but if you haven’t been involved with the series, these might fly right over your dome.

7 Sprites Begone!

Disgaea has championed the use of drop-dead gorgeous sprites since its inception. Highly stylised, beautifully detailed bits of art that only got better as the series progressed. Fidelity, animation, and style reached their zenith with Disgaea 5, and one could be forgiven for thinking this graphical style would continue forever.

Alas, Disgaea 6 had other ideas. Disgaea 6 does not use sprites at all, and whilst the series’ style has made the transition, as long-time fans, it’s a shame to see such a beloved art form get shelved. Will we ever see it again? Who knows, but I am sure if it does crop up in the future, it will appear on another list just like this.

6 Cameos Everywhere

If you have never played a Disgaea game, you might be slightly confused as to why there are multiple battles against unexplained characters whose levels are monstrous compared to your own. Well, it turns out those characters you are fighting and subsequently recruiting are the protagonists of earlier Disgaea games.

Every game in the series is represented to some degree, and for fans of the series, this is quite the trip. Of course, the stars of Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness (the first entry) get the most fanfare, but everyone gets to share the spotlight.

5 Hospital Overhaul

The Hospital has been one of the coolest systems Disgaea has ever put to code. Unlike every other game ever conceived, the Hospital in Disgaea has always been a place where you go to get rewarded after a mission. You go to the Hospital, get healed up, and then get handed prizes for the physical trauma inflicted on your band of demons.

It’s a great system that has been overhauled in Disgaea 6. Not only are there more rewards, but those rewards roll in for different things. Dying, using SP, taking damage – it is all rewarded in some way. But not only that, it’s all automated now. You just get healed every time you return to base, which is a nice touch.

4 System Removal

Newcomers to Disgaea might get overwhelmed by the sheer number of interlocking systems that make up the core gameplay the series is known for. You probably won’t know the difference between Innocents, Extracts, Mana, and Karma until you’ve spent a decent chunk of time experimenting.

The thing is, Disgaea 6 is one of the lightest games the series has ever produced. Systems, characters, classes, and mechanics have been stripped from the game and replaced with literally nothing. Series veterans will likely feel a bit underwhelmed, as opposed to overwhelmed.

3 Group EXP

Group EXP is amazing. Heck, since it’s on this list, you better believe it was introduced in Disgaea 6. One of the hardest things to do in Disgaea has always been getting your weaker, non-combat characters to level up. We are talking about Healers, Thieves, Geomancers, etc. These classes are nightmares because EXP was only earned when you landed the killing blow.

When all you have is a stick and the stats of a wet noodle, you ain’t killing anything. Disgaea 6 removes that barrier, and we hope it stays removed until the end of time. All you need to do now is be involved in the mission, and you will get a cut of the EXP. This makes power levelling a new team so much easier, as a single high-level character can boost a whole squad in seconds.

2 Bloated Stats

Disgaea is a series that has always had bloated statlines. The thing is, it has never been as bad as it is in Disgaea 6. Disgaea 6 took what Disgaea 1-5 did, and then amplified every stat by around 10,000. Instead of capping out at level 9,999, you end at 99,999,999 – which is hilarious to think about.

This means you are hitting for many quintillions worth of damage, and you are earning EXP in the trillions. It’s farcical in all honesty, but it is very much Disgaea in a nutshell. These stats are huge, but thankfully Disgaea 6 hasn’t made getting to that cap harder than getting to any level cap in the series – it just looks sillier.

1 Idling On With Auto-Battle

Auto-Battle is the biggest, best, and worst addition to Disgaea 6 – yes, all at once Disgaea has always been about the grind, and having an Auto-Battle mode as well as an Auto-Repeat mode makes grinding much easier. Little do newcomers know that back in the day, we had to manually input every command if we wanted to grind effectively.

It got burned into muscle memory so we could clear the same stage 1000 times without looking at the screen. Nowadays you hit a button and it does it for you. You can even customise the AI and make your scripts. It’s great. Streamlines the whole process. It’s a shame it’s also the best way to play the game though.

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