Disgaea 6 – Flonne Character Guide

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As far as classic Disgaea characters go, few are as infuriating as Flonne. Her entire personality can be distilled down into the word “love” but said in the most chalkboard-scratchingly irritating way imaginable. On repeat. She is a major part of Disgaea’s history, however, so of course, she makes it into Disgaea 6.

Flonne is a love-loving angel who mixes things up by being an aggressive healer. She has powerful healing magic, but also comes with some pretty decent offensive options that give her a bit more versatility than your standard Clergy. Is she worth taking though? Let’s dive right in.

Who Is Flonne?

Flonne was once an Angel Trainee who was tasked with assassinating Laharl. Flonne, being the kind of person she is, failed at that task and instead concluded that angels are not automatically good, and demons are not always bad. This caused her to become a Fallen Angel, but her love of love has never faltered.

Why Use Flonne?

You take Flonne when you want a powerful healer, who also comes packaged with some offensive capabilities and some amazing support options. Flonne is quite a package, and she can easily replace your player-made healer.

What Weapon Does Flonne Use?

Flonne has traditionally always been a Stave or Bow user, and Disgaea 6 is no exception.

Weapon Mastery
Fist B
Sword C
Spear C
Bow A
Gun B
Axe D
Stave S

Of the two, the Stave is the way to go. This is because all of Flonne’s abilities scale off of INT or RES – two stats that are stacked onto Staves. The bow, on the other hand, won’t be anywhere near as useful – especially with Weapon Skills being removed in Disgaea 6.

Flonne’s Unique Evilities

Flonne has one unique Evility.

Evility Explanation
Love Field Decrease damage taken by all units on the map by 20%

This ability is very strong and has no requirements for activation. You take Flonne, and this is just a global benefit for your team. That 20 percent reduction can push your squad's survivability to the next level. Combined with a character like Usalia, your team can become unshiftable.

Flonne’s Unique Attacks

Flonne has four specials that do a lot to make her a viable option. Not only that, but she also comes with a full selection of healing magic in addition to her unique abilities.

Skill Rank Scaling Element Range AOE
Love Knuckle D INT None 0 N/A
Holy Arrows D INT None 0 Cross
Power Of Love 2 C+ INT None 0 Adjacent
Fall Angel’s Light C+ INT None 6 Cross

Flonne’s unique abilities are fine for the most part. Her damaging attacks are decent, but not outstanding. They are, however, better than your standard Clergy, giving her a bit of utility on the battlefield.

Power Of Love 2 is where things get interesting. This is a unique heal that heals adjacent targets and buffs their stats. This is a great way to keep your team healthy and to give them that extra little boost to their effectiveness.

How To Use Flonne

Flonne is a support piece through and through. She is all about handing out passive buffs, healing, and increasing stats. Thanks to her unique attacks, she is also capable of dealing respectable damage or even just increasing your combo counter.

You want her safely behind your frontline, but close enough that you can get off a sneaky Power Of Love 2 when needed. Depending on your composition, this might not always be possible as many characters covet that position in a formation. If that is the case, keeping her safe and throwing generic healing is always an option.

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