Disgaea RPG: Guide To The Item World

Disgaea RPG recently released worldwide, and the Item World is making its return. If you’ve played any past Disgaea games, then you’re probably familiar with the concept of the Item World. In Disgaea RPG, this mode works similarly to past games. Here we’ll look at how to unlock it, what to do there, and what makes it so great.

How To Unlock

The Item World is unlocked after finishing “Let’s Take out the Trash!” in Episode 2. This story segment is in the third node of Episode 2, roughly half way through the episode. You should be able to get through these story missions without any problem.

How To Get More Equipment

Before heading into the Item World, you’ll need equipment. You can buy equipment from the shop using HL. At first, the gear you can buy won’t be very good. To buy better gear, you’ll need to rank up your Customer Rank. This is done by passing the relevant bill in the Dark Assembly. More bills to rank up Customer Rank will unlock as you progress through the story, so be sure to stay on top of the story missions as you play.

Progressing In The Item World

After you have the equipment you want to upgrade, you’re ready to enter the Item World. Essentially, the Item World lets you level up your equipment by going into a “world” within the item. Each piece of equipment has its own level and rank that factor into the enemies and levels you encounter inside its world.

Leveling up a piece of equipment in the Item World is easy, just choose which weapon or armor you want to work on and enter. Each level you complete inside the Item World levels up the piece of equipment, increasing its stats.

Each item has its own max level. An item’s max level is determined by its rarity. For example, a common Fine Blade has a max level of 30, but a rare Fine Blade has a max level of 60. These numbers can get a little confusing, so for now just go with whatever has the highest rarity and max level.

At every ten, thirty, and one-hundred levels in an equipment’s world, you will face an Item Boss. Defeating them will grant a large boost to the item’s stats. In addition, Item Bosses have a chance to drop a weapon that is one rank higher than the current world’s item. These items have a roughly 50% chance of dropping from the Item Boss. Defeating each Item Boss is essential to bringing out the full power of that equipment.

If grinding through 60+ levels seems like a time-consuming task, don’t worry. The Item World has a special feature called Auto Advance, which will have your party automatically battle through each level, without you needing to manually play at all.

One of the great parts about the Item World is that it doesn’t take AP to play, meaning as long as you have unleveled gear, you can progress in the game. Each level will also grant your party EXP and some HL, making the Item World a great place to improve your characters after you’ve already spent your AP.

Basics of Innocents

While in the item world, you might come across Innocents. These creatures reside in an item, providing small passive bonuses like EXP Boost 2% or INT Boost 3%. Innocents take up a spot in an item’s Population. Only a certain number of Innocents can remain in an item at once, so choose wisely which ones will benefit that piece of equipment the most.

Innocents are gained by first locating them in the Item World. If a piece of equipment has a red “angry face” in its details, that means an Innocent can be found there. If there is a yellow “happy face,” that means an Innocent is currently in the item and providing its passive bonus. It’s random at which level the Innocent will appear in the Item World, but they have to eventually.

Once you encounter the Innocent in battle, you have to subdue it to acquire it. You can bribe them with gold pieces or crab miso to increase your chances of subduing it, but make sure you don’t kill them. If you’re using Auto Advance, don’t worry about your party killing the Innocent when you’re not looking; the battle will pause as soon as you encounter one.

The Item World can seem confusing at first, but it’s not so bad once you get the hang of it. It’s the perfect place for grinding your party when you run out of AP.

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