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If you want to maximise your Espers' potential in Dislyte, you're going to need the best Relics — and the best place to farm them is in the Ritual Miracle. Every Esper can be equipped with six Relics, which come in a large variety of sets that give different bonuses. By choosing the right battles within the Ritual Miracle, you can narrow down your potential rewards to just six sets — giving a much greater chance than normal of landing the ones you need.

When you enter the Ritual Miracle, you’re faced with three boss choices — Kronos, Apep, and Fafnir. The one you choose to battle will depend on the Relic sets you need (see below). While Fafnir offers the biggest challenge, Apep isn’t too far behind in terms of difficulty. Read on to get some hints and tips on how to take it down on the highest levels.

Why Take On Apep?

Alongside ticking off various Missions, Club events and Bounties, the main reason for taking out Apep is to farm top quality Relics. At difficulty eight and above you’re guaranteed a reward of four to six-star Relics from the following sets:

  • Una: Hades, Abiding Panacea, and Ocean Waves
  • Mui: Sword Avatara, Adamantine, and Fiery Incandescence

Abiding Panacea gives 30 percent Healing Efficacy and Adamantine gives all Espers a two-turn shield at the start of each battle, so you’re likely going to want a great set of both for your main healer.

How Will Apep Attack?

As usual with boss battles, you’ll get two waves of relatively simple mobs before Apep appears leading the third wave. There’s no rush early on, so just concentrate on getting to wave three in great shape, and with your big guns ready to pull out their strongest abilities.

Apep will be flanked by two Tablet mobs:

  • Suppression Tablet: Attacks all enemies, with a chance to stun targets affected by Poison.
  • Blessing Tablet: Hits a single target, dispelling all buffs. Each buff removed is turned into a Poison debuff lasting three turns.

As you’ve probably gathered, Apep is all about dealing Poison damage — so taking these guys out isn’t going to do you any harm! As you’ll find out below, hitting them with your weaker attacks when you have to use them is actually advisable.

Apep has the following abilities:

  • Miasma: Attacks all Espers and gives each of them two Poison debuffs for two turns.
  • Toxic Detonation: This is launched when Apep had been hit a certain number of times. It hits all Espers, detonating all the Poison debuffs each Esper has for massive damage.
  • Chaos Surging (Passive): Any Esper that attacks Apep gets a Poison debuff that lasts three turns — while also bringing Toxic Detonation one step closer.

It’s important to note that Chaos Surge and Toxic Detonation are about the number of times an Esper is attacking Apep, not the amount of damage done — just seven hits trigger it at difficulty ten. So, ideally what you’re looking to do is hit it as few times as possible with massive damage each time.

Who Are The Best Espers For Defeating Apep?

What you're looking for offensively are DPS Espers who do no-nonsense single strike damage — so to assist this, any kind of damage support is going to help, such as DEF Down, ATK and C.RATE Up, etc. The same applies to Relic sets. If you can land enough big hits quickly enough, you can deal with Apep swiftly. But if not, on the support side, you’re going to need to be able to consistently deal with the Poison threat — ideally either through Cleanse or Immunity.

Note that Apep is a Green boss mob, so your Orange Espers will do more damage and have less chance to be damaged themselves. Avoiding Purple Espers is particularly advisable, unless you need them for those Cleanse and Immunity buffs. We’ve bolded Orange Espers below:

DPS Espers

Drew All his attacks are big, single target and completely based on his ATK value – making him easy to use and super effective versus Apep.
Li Ling While the multiple hits are a downside, it's hard to argue against his damage output.
Sander This guy needs big SPD to be effective, and his main attack hits three times. But setup right he can do massive damage quickly.
Chloe A bit of a loose cannon, as her strikes hit random targets. But like Drew she is the right colour for this fight, as well as being full-on ATK minded.
Chalmers His neutral colour makes him a solid choice, while his damage output can be huge – if you can keep him alive.
Stewart Similar to Chalmers, his main attack is huge – but damages himself in the process. So, your support cast could be vital.
Lin Xiao Another neutral-coloured Esper who can pack a massive single target punch.
Lynn A strong main attack that has the added benefit of throwing a shield up when it is cast. A Green Esper, so still a solid choice.

Support Espers

Fabrice A Green Esper (so neutral here) who can provide Immunity and Invincibility.
Gabrielle When is she not useful? Immunity and DEF up, plus some solid damage. Find out how to get Gabrielle here.
Ye Suhua A neutral Esper whose Astral Guardian ability grants Invincibility and Recovery, which can get your DPS out of a hole when timed right.
Chang Pu The wrong colour, but she’s here for her heals and Immunity buff – not damage.

Lifesteal Relics can be useful on your DPS characters to supplement healing. Beyond that, concentrate on big damage.

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