Dislyte: The Best Espers For Fafnir

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If you’re looking to collect the best Relics in Dislyte, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the Ritual Miracle. Depending on your current Relic requirements, you’re likely to be tackling all the different bosses here. And while Kronos and Apep offer their challenges, Fafnir is generally considered the toughest of the three.

Each boss in the Ritual Miracle has ten difficulty levels, with the quality of reward chances increasing with each one. It won’t be long until only the flawless six-star Relics will do for the real heroes of your squad. And for those, you’re going to be wanting to take out Fafnir at level 10. If you’re looking for some tips on how to do so, read on below.

Why Take On Fafnir?

There are plenty of reasons to take down Fafnir. It will often pop up as a Club Challenge or be on your Bounties list, while several Courses and Quests need you to defeat it right up to difficulty ten. But the main reason is to collect Relics in the following sets:

  • Una: Tyranny of Zeus, Snow Dowager, and Hammer of Thor
  • Mui: The Enchanter, Immensus Peak, and The Light Above

The quality of Relic you randomly receive rises with each level of Ritual difficulty, with a guarantee of quality four to six Relics at difficulty levels eight to ten.

How Will Fafnir Attack?

You’ll be faced with three levels of enemies when you battle Fafnir. The first two waves are standard mobs who won’t offer much resistance. Fafnir leads the third wave, alongside:

  • Suppression Tablet: Purple mob which damages all enemies and causes disease, so Espers can’t be healed. Gives Fafnir a permanent ATK Up if the Tablet is destroyed.
  • Blessing Tablet: Purple mob that dispels debuffs from Fafnir while granting it Immunity, so it can’t be debuffed for two turns. Gives Fafnir a permanent SPD buff if the Tablet is taken out.

Not being able to heal is a big loss, unless you can rely on shields. So, you may want to suck up the ATK buff and take the Suppression Tablet out first. But not many teams are likely to benefit from giving Fafnir a SPD buff by taking out the Blessing Tablet.

Fafnir itself has three abilities:

  • Dragonbreath: Attacks all Espers, also giving a SPD Down debuff and a chance to Stun each of them for a turn. The less Espers you still have alive, the more damage it does.
  • Unbound Deluge (Passive): Removes all Esper AP-related abilities at the start of the battle. Single hits can’t do more than 35 percent of its max HP. Each time Fafnir loses a HP stack (it starts with five), it gains Andvari’s Treasure (see Dragon’s Curse below) – which freezes the Esper that knocked out the stack. Andvari’s Treasure has 12 stacks, with one being removed with any hit to Fafnir. If you don’t take them all out before Fafnir’s next turn, it will launch Dragon’s Curse.
  • Dragon’s Curse: If Fafnir still has Andvari’s Treasure on its next attack, it launches a huge attack against the Esper it froze – likely defeating it. Fafnir also gains DMG up when an Esper falls.

Look at the first two waves as an opportunity to build yourself up for the big one. Try to make sure you’re fully healed and buffed as you enter the third wave, using your weaker attacks to take out the last of the wave two enemies while you prep and let your timers cool down.

Fafnir starts the battle with five HP stacks. Once you take it down, you’ll win the battle immediately – regardless of whether the two Tablets are still operational. The amount of HP stacks it has left is indicated above the health bar on the right-hand side of the screen.

Who Are The Best Espers For Defeating Fafnir?

The real trick to defeating Fafnir is keeping the Espers alive who take out those HP stacks – so heals and especially shields are useful, alongside Immunity and Cleanse. You have to be able to deal massive and sustained damage throughout. AP manipulation is useless throughout the battle, so leave any Espers that rely on this at home.

Remember that when Fafnir loses a HP stack, whoever took it down is in for a world of hurt – unless you can hit it with 12 attacks between turns. So, what you’re looking for offensively are attacks that hit multiple times in a single flurry. This also means you have to hold back those specials for when you need them – timing is crucial. His standard attacks aren’t all that special, meaning you should be able to sustain a longer battle.

To emphasise this, the strongest Dislyte players can take out Kronos on level ten in around 30 seconds. To take out Fafnir at level ten, even the best squads need four to five times that much time. You simply can’t rush it.

Also, you need to have time to get those hits in – so SPD is very important. Try to equip as much SPD from Relics as you can, as relying on SPD buffs isn’t as reliable here.

Finally, Fafnir is a Purple creature. This means Green Espers will land better hits, while he is less likely to land his specials on them. Really try to avoid Orange Espers, where the opposite will really put you at a disadvantage. All the bolded Espers listed below are Green:

DPS Espers

Tang Yun Avatara hits three times and Talisman of Inward Devilry twice – and both can trigger Pursuit, potentially adding more attacks.
Lynn A big main hit which also gives her a Shield for two turns. Eye of the Goddess hits three times, while her basic attack hits twice.
Lu Yi Main attack lands nine random strikes, his basic hits an enemy three times, while his passive has a chance to inflict Bleed based on True Damage.
Hall An unlikely hero, but at a pinch the bonus damage from his extra strike passive can be very useful as those extra hits help take down Andvari’s Treasure.

Support Espers

Gabrielle Great all-rounder. Her Broadside hits all enemies three times while Rush gives Immunity and DEF up. Find out how to get Gabrielle with our guide.
Berenice Moon Dance gives all Espers a Shield, while both Instant Combo and Feline Grace (her basic attack) hit a single enemy three times.
Ahmed Massive heals, while his basic single target attack, Elude to Life, hits three times.

You probably want at least three or four of these guys, which shouldn’t be a problem with a bit of patience – most are readily available if you're F2P. Fill in the gaps with your favourite DPS or healers, remembering multiple attacks and shields are the key to success.

If you’re struggling, it’s important to remember Helper Espers too. Maybe one of your friends has the key missing ingredient you need? You only need to complete a level once to get the uptick for Expedition levels – and they’re guaranteed wins, with a bunch of free Relics coming your way.

Unfortunately, there are no real shortcuts when fighting Fafnir. You’re going to need a great squad to defeat it at level ten, so concentrate on trying to pick up the Espers and Relics you need to make it happen. Much like the battle itself, it’s not something that can be rushed.

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