Disney Mirrorverse: The 10 Strongest Guardians, Ranked

Disney Mirrorverse is still going strong among mobile-gaming Disney fans, and there are a lot of features on their way to the game. So far, Mirrorverse has over 40 playable characters to choose from, with plans to add more and update as they go. Most of the current Guardians in the game have finished bios, but we’re still waiting on the backstories of a few newcomers. There’s a lot of power behind the Guardians available in the Melee and Tank classes, and even some heavy hitters coming out of Ranged and Support.

It’s hard to take a game where you can beat the daylights out of interdimensional demons as capitalist tightwad Scrooge McDuck seriously. Still, Mirrorverse does have a surprisingly steady balance of stats. So steady that we can list the strongest Guardians and rank them according to how beefy they are.

10 Jack Skellington

The Pumpkin King from Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas makes another Disney cameo in the Mirrorverse as one of its strongest Guardians.

Jack Skellington is Support instead of an offensive class, but that isn’t stopping this holiday spirit from gifting immense attack buffs to allies. Tricks and Treats stacks up to five times and offers a ten percent attack buff for allies until the end of the encounter. Early game he’s a bit weak, but once Jack’s buff effects stack his whole team becomes an unstoppable force.

9 Hiro Hamada

The little guy from Disney’s Big Hero 6 has come to the Mirrorverse to deliver some big buffs and even bigger heals. Hiro Hamada may be a Support class Guardian, but that isn’t stopping him from being one of the strongest Guardians in the game.

Hiro’s abilities allow him to link up with allies and heal all of them at once with a big-time Final Fantasy Curaga vibe, and while Hiro’s special ability Amplification Bridge is up, every ally gains a 50 percent attack buff for each ally Hiro is linked up with. Combine that with a 25 percent buff for Hiro himself any time an ally falls, and you’ve got a recipe for delivering huge amounts of justice the whole team can enjoy.

8 Mulan

Some tough new armor isn’t the only thing Mulan’s ancestors sent her to the battlefield with. Described in her official bio as “a hundred warriors in one”, Disney’s Mulan lets off a flurry of honed ancestral blades enchanted with an extra boost of Stellar Magic. Her special ability, Ancestral Swords, lengthens in duration the farther you advance in level, giving her a lot of runtime with entirely too many swords.

While the base attack and damage stats are a little lower, her 30 percent defense buffs and 20 percent armor buffs make her nearly unstoppable while the knives are out.

7 Mr. Incredible

Of course, the buff and towering Bob Parr with his super strength is in the Tank class for Disney Mirrorverse. In Incredibles and its sequel, Mr. Incredible sees himself fighting new and old villains, as well as burnout and emotional strain. Bob needs a break, but it isn’t going to come from this topsy-turvy multiverse here.

Mr. Incredible gets a buff from his new super suit, courtesy of one Edna Mode, and deals incredible amounts of damage with Unstoppable Justice and Kinetic Explosion. Kinetic charges that stack and provide damage resistance help, too.

6 Baymax

Baymax, your personal healthcare companion, is rolling Tank instead of Support in the Mirrorverse. Riding the fame from his comic book to Disney movie role in Big Hero 6 and now getting his very own self-titled Disney+ show, Baymax is a powerful Guardian for the Mirrorverse to have protecting it.

He sports shiny new battle armor with the ability to use his chip slot for upgrades to his abilities. Baymax’s mini drones can stun enemies hand out armor buffs, and heal allies, and these abilities only get stronger with each upgrade. Baymax is one well-rounded S-Tier fighting and healing robot. Baymax does indeed protect and attack.

5 Merida

Brave’s Scottish Disney Princess is back with a new bow imbued with the powers of the Will o’ Wisps. The Wisps and their Wound inflicting abilities make Merida a pretty tough Guardian to go solo with.

Merida has a ghostly magic bow with a +20 percent critical hit chance every eight shots. If that isn't enough you can also invoke the energy of a big giant spirit bear that deals 400 percent damage on its own and an additional 50 percent damage per second for six seconds if an enemy is wounded.

4 Mickey Mouse

The Stellar Sorcerer is imbued with more than just figurative star power. Now it’s literal. Mickey Mouse has a lot of hitpoints for such a small guy, and the ability to command the Stellar energy as a weapon makes him a powerful Guardian in the Mirrorverse.

Mickey does a lot of work in the healing department, with attack buffs that stack on top of his healing buffs. Mirror Master allows Mickey to deal 15 percent of direct damage right back to his attacker, and using Mickey’s special ability extends the protective mirror to allies.

3 Frank Wolff

Frank from Disney’s Jungle Cruise looks a lot more intense in the Mirrorverse than he did in Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, and he’s got the moves to back it up. He’s another Support class Guardian with more power than you’d expect. Resilience and Dense Foliage together give you and your allies healing and defense buffs, as well as providing Frank with a status debuff.

The real hard hitter, though, is Frank’s signature ability Caught In The Weeds. The first time an enemy enters the foliage, they are dealt 400 percent damage and become rooted for four seconds

2 Aladdin

Aladdin is a character that’s been around since 1992 and appears in nearly every spin-off movie and video game that Disney has created. He’s a popular guy from a popular movie, but how do his battle stats match up? Pretty well, it turns out.

Shrouded Sword, a gift from Al’s good friend the Genie, deals 400 percent damage with a knockback and inflicts wounds that do extra damage. When Aladdin’s enemies are thoroughly wounded, the ability Thief of Wonders gives you the ability to steal an attribute buff from them. Purging a buff gives Aladdin another 50 percent attack buff that stacks up to three times.

1 Ariel

The Champion Of Atlantica is no fish out of water on the Mirrorverse battlefield. If you can imagine how difficult it would be to fight the ocean itself, you can put Ariel’s power as a Guardian into perspective.

In addition to a 600 percent maximum damage from Ragin' Riptide with a potential 12 percent attack buff, Ariel also has a number of debuff cleansing moves at her disposal. Despite her regal and put-together looks, Ariel is a tidal wave of damage and buffing that storms to the top of the ranking for Guardians.

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