Division 2 Year 5, Season 2 release time, date, server downtime, patch notes

The Division 2 Year 5, Season 2 is about to get started on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. Judging by a recent Ubisoft tweet, the new season of The Division 2 has an October 3 release date on all platforms. The launch of the new Season 2 update will be preceded by a period of extended server downtime, which is scheduled to start at 8.30am BST UK time. With the maintenance expected to last for around three hours, fans can expect the servers to be back online by around 11.30am BST.

The news was announced by Ubisoft on Twitter: “To release the new Y5 Season 2, we’ll be taking The Division 2 servers down for a scheduled maintenance Tuesday, October 3rd, at 9:30 AM CEST, 3:30 AM ET, 12:30 AM PT. Estimated downtime is 3 hours.”

According to Ubisoft, the new season will revolve around a manhunt involving the Recruiter. Players will need to recover a series of hostages throughout the season.

As players rescue each hostage, new ugrades will be available to areas of the Castle.

Incursions also make a return as part of Season 2, beginning with Paradise Lost, wjhich sees up to four agents battle tough enemies in a bid to rescue survivors. Exotic items will be rewarded to successful players.

Elsewhere, the season adds the Iron Lung Exotic LMG, as well as a host of new items and Gear.

Then there’s the Battle Pass, which contains 11 new weapon skins, 11 new gear dyes, 3 new emotes and a couple of Special Year 5 Season 2 vanity outfits.


The Division 2 Year 5, Season 2 update patch notes…


• Exotic Caches are now available for purchase at the DZ vendors in all locations.

• Reduced Stinger Hive’s range by 30% in PVP.

• Added a message notification specifying why the player is not able to activate a Manhunt bounty with the list of side missions that need to be completed in order to activate the bounty.

• Added Discovery Mission to the Manhunt menu activity list. Discovery Mission becomes available upon completing the Target Takeover Bounty.

• Added Legacy Manhunt Menu where players will now be able to:

 – Find the previous seasons’ Prime Target missions.

 – Read a narrative recap and Targets’ profiles.

 – Play missions in chronological order.

 – See the rewards.

• New Outfit Details widget:

 – The widget will display the set icon, set parts icons (hat, shirt, pants, shoes, scarf, glasses).

 – Items not owned by the player marked in grey.

 – Unequipped items owned by the player are indicated by low opacity item quality colour.

 – Equipped items are highlighted in bright item quality colour.

 – Added “Equip Set” button which equips all owned items from selected item set. The button is located at the bottom of the screen.


• Introduced various Descent game mode rewards changes for level 40 players.

• Increased drop chance for Bonus Rewards:

 – Loop 9 from 20% to 75%.

 – Loop 12 from 40% to 100%.

 – Loop 15 from 60% to 75%.

 – Loop 18 from 25% to 90%.

 – Loop 25 Reconstructed Cache (Previously: Exotic Cache).

 – Loop 30 from 49% to 100%.

 – Nemesis from 12% to 50%.

• Improved Guaranteed Rewards:

 – Loop 15 – Exotic Cache (Previously: Simulation Cache).

 – Loop 18 – Exotic Cache (Previously: Simulation Cache).

 – Loop 30 – Reconstructed Cache (Previously: Exotic Cache).

• Shock & Awe Talent gain per Tier has been increased to 10% with a maximum of 105% at Tier 10.

 – Tier 1 stack remains the same and starts at 15%.

• Efficient Talent gain per Tier has been increased from 5% to 7% with a maximum of 93% at Tier 10.

 – Increased Tier 1 stack from 25% to 30%.

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