Don’t Worry Pokémon GO Players, Cryogonal Is Still Out There

Pokémon GO players who were a little too busy with holiday activities to pay attention to spawns are in luck. Cryogonal, the snowflake Pokémon who only appears under certain conditions, is still spawning after the Holiday 2019 event’s conclusion.

This announcement might not seem like big news, but it will come as a relief to Pokémon GO players after a grave miscommunication during the Halloween 2019 event. The spooky season saw the debut of Ghost-type Pokémon Yamask. Some lucky trainers even found Yamask in its shiny form in the days leading up to November 1. After that, however, Yamask was nowhere to be found. It turned out that Yamask was an event-only Pokémon. Something the game’s developer never made clear.

Players could be forgiven, then, for worrying that the Christmastime Pokémon would disappear after January 1. The likely contender was Cryogonal, a Pokémon that debuted during the event and embodied its theme. Just like Yamask. Fortunately, active Pokémon GO-playing redditors confirmed that Cryogonal is still appearing on January 2.

Cryogonal proved to be one of the trickier Holiday 2019 Pokémon to catch. That’s because it wouldn’t even appear unless the player was in snowy weather. That condition alienates large portions of the world. Those in warmer climates still had hope in the form of Glacial Lures. These items are available to all players and simulate snow at a PokéStop, summoning Ice-type Pokémon. Developer Niantic announced that this would be the best way to find Cryogonal.

The problem with relying on Glacial Lures was twofold. First, there are several Pokémon that are called by the item. Some players dropped the lures and never saw Cryogonal. The second issue was that lures only work in a small area. To reap the full rewards, players have to stand in their circle for at least half an hour. That’s hard to do during the holiday season when many people are traveling or are asked to spend time with family instead of checking their phone.

Cryogonal appearing after the event period is great news. Those who were too busy to catch one due to holiday commitments now have a chance to use a Glacial Lure on their own time. It also shows that Niantic has learned from the Yamask debacle and (hopefully) won’t lock future Pokémon to limited-time events. Now if only it would do something about regional Pokémon…

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