Doom 3 Has Been Ported To Oculus Quest

Doom 3 tends to get the shaft in comparison to 2016’s Doom reboot and last year’s Doom Eternal, but I liked it. It curved Doom away from being a mere action first-person shooter with horror elements to being a true psychological horror game. It really leaned into the whole “Hell on Mars” theme and was genuinely scary at times.

I’m not going to argue that it was better than 2016’s Doom, but it was a fine entry into the franchise. And while you might criticize it on PC, there’s no denying that Doom 3 would make an excellent VR port.

And now you can, thanks to Dr. Beef and company’s excellent port of Doom 3 to Oculus.

Called Doom3Quest, Team Beef’s port is based on an Android OS port (of all things) that has been heavily modified to work on Oculus. VR features include an off-hand flashlight that has a battery life of 30 seconds and can be attached to your head, body, or gun based on your preference. There’s also a laser sight for Doom fans with poor aim, and of course, a fully modeled Doomguy that points and shoots based on where you’re pointing the controller.

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Installing Doom3Quest is a bit trickier than most Quest games since it’s not exactly Facebook sanctioned. You’ll need to have SideQuest installed on your PC, then try to run Doom3Quest. It’ll fail and dump you back to the Oculus Home menu, but don’t panic! This was just to create the necessary file structure on your Quest device.

Now go to your PC and install Doom 3. It’ll have to be the older version of Doom 3 and not the newer BFG Edition (you can get the original Doom 3 on Steam for a pittance these days). Then copy over the Doom 3 files to the Doom3Quest folder on Oculus Quest and BAM, you’re done.

If you have any difficulties, consult the more detailed installation instructions over on the Doom3Quest website.

Currently, you can only move places using standard walking, but teleporting movement is planned for a future update. As are two-handed weapons (you’re just one-handing that minigun in the current version) as well as support for Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil DLC.

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