Dr. Disrespect Clowns Shroud For Skipping The Game Awards

Shroud didn’t appear at The Game Awards to accept his trophy for Content Creator of The Year, and Dr Disrespect didn’t miss the opportunity to rib his fellow streamer.

This year’s Content Creator of The Year award had since stiff competition. Among them included DrLupo, a streamer who has raised millions of dollars this year in various charity streams, and Ewok, a deaf streamer and the first woman to join FaZe clan.

Ultimately, it was Shroud who won the award. Shroud has had an incredible year on Twitch, reaching 100k+ views during the launch of Apex Legends and remaining among one of the most viewed streamers on the platform. Shroud has since moved to Mixer and continues to stream to tens of thousands every day. There’s no doubt Shroud deserves the award as much as any of the nominees.

Friendly rival Dr Disrespect, however, couldn’t help but poke fun at the fact Shroud didn’t actually show up to receive his award. In the clip (below) Dr Disrespect mimics shrouds muted tone of voice and low energy in a pretend back-and-forth exchange in which Doc questions Shroud for not attending the award ceremony.

When Keighley announced the award it was during a rapid fire series of rewards without time for any kind of acceptance speech. Whether that would have been different had Shroud been there to accept is unknown, but it’s hard to blame him for not wanting to show up if he wasn’t even going to be given the oppurtunity to accept the award.

On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like Shroud has made any effort to acknowledge to award either. He hasn’t tweeted any kind of statement to the The Game Awards or his fans. On stream while playing STAR WARDS Jedi: Fallen Order (not World of Warcraft as Dr Disrespect claimed) he didn’t mention the award either.

Part of Shroud’s appeal is how laid back and aloof he seems on stream while he does absolutely God-like plays in game. It isn’t “off brand” for Shroud to ignore an award like this, but it would be a nice oppurtunity for him to thank his fans for such a great year, wouldn’t it?

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