Dr Disrespect is back on Twitch now after two week ban

It’s been a predictably short punishment for Dr Disrespect, after he was banned from Twitch for filming from a toilet at E3.

It’s probably best not to imagine what a top streamer would have to do to be banned from Twitch for any real length of time, but Guy ‘Dr Disrespect’ Beahm has served his sentence and his channel is now officially un-banned.

At time of writing he’s not currently live but he presumably will be later tonight. His archive has already been reinstated, but with nothing from the last 16 days – which means his streams from E3 have been deleted for good.

The problem wasn’t so much that he was streaming from a toilet but that in doing so he included footage of other people using the facilities, as it were, including what looked like a young child.

According to Twitch’s guidelines it’s against the rules to record someone without their consent or to do anything that could be construed as ‘stalking or violating someone’s established personal boundaries’.

He should have known that but may have been unaware that it’s also against Californian law to film anyone in a public ‘bathroom’. Which is no doubt why his E3 pass was revoked as well.

The only new content since the incident has been a recap video on his YouTube channel and the news that he’s fired his director Alex as a result of the controversy.

The only problem being that Alex has always been a fictional character.


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