Dragon Age Origins: How To Make Alistair King

By the end of Dragon Age: Origins, a new ruler is chosen for Ferelden. A lot leads up to the decision, as King Cailen dies at the hands of Darkspawn at the beginning of the story and the player carves their way to the capital to stop Teryn Loghain’s rule.

A popular king choice among fans is from their inner circle, the Grey Warden Alistair. After all, it is revealed that he has royal blood in his veins. He is a bastard son of Maric. He personally has no desire to rule, but many fans would argue that is a good trait for a king.

However, since Alistair is not exactly rushing for the crown, players do have to work for him to become the new King. There are a couple of things players must do to get Alistair to rule.

Dealing With Loghain

How you deal with Loghain at the Landsmeet has a strong influence on whether Alistair can become king or not. There are two methods depending on whether you want Loghain alive or dead.

Option 1: Kill Loghain

Killing Loghain is the easiest method to Alistair becoming King. His death is an important matter to Alistair. He will be killed by Alistair himself if he is chosen to face Loghain in one-on-one combat. If not, you will have to choose for Loghain to be killed.

With Loghain dead, Alistair can either be king alone, jointly with a noble female warden, or with Anora (as long as he wasn’t the one who killed Loghain).

Option 2: Conscript Loghain to the Grey Wardens

If the player wants Loghain to live and for Alistair to be king, then their decisions at the Landsmeet are much more limited. The only way for Alistair to become king while Loghain is still alive is to marry Anora. Not only that, but the player must make sure Alistair is hardened.

Hardening Alistair

Alistair, like Leliana, is a character that can be hardened during his personal quest. Most guides advise hardening him if the player wants to make him king. Basically, a hardened Alistair has more confidence and is willing to put duty above feelings. This makes him much more willing to become king.

To get his personal quest, players must know the true identity of his father as well as have a decent approval rating with him. To learn his father’s identity, players will need to take him in the party when they first arrive at Redcliffe, or wait until they finish the Urn of Sacred Ashes questline by healing Arl Eamon.

  • Once these prerequisites are met, he will mention that he wants to visit his sister, Goldanna, at the Denerim Market District.

The only important dialogue choice the player needs to choose to harden Alistair comes after leaving Goldanna’s house. The player must pick, “Everyone is out for themselves. You should learn that.” Be careful, as there is another dialogue choice where the Warden can call him an idiot and that doesn’t only not harden him, but sets his approval back to zero.

  • Do note that hardening Alistair is not required if Loghain is killed. However, it is recommended to players that do not have a high persuasion skill.

How To Get Alistair And Anora To Marry

For those that want Anora and Alistair to marry, there are some steps to know.

First of all, having a high persuasion skill will help. Both Anora and Alistair must be spoken to separately and be convinced (this is where a hardened Alistair helps). Mention to Alistair that their marriage would be one of convenience.

  • If Loghain is killed though, the player has to make sure it is by their hands and not Alistair’s.

If Alistair kills Loghain, Anora will refuse to marry him. If you spare Loghain and Alistair is not hardened, he will refuse the marriage and leave the party.

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