Drax Gets Mistaken For God Of War’s Kratos In The Guardians Of The Galaxy Christmas Special

The Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special has a fun reference to God of War's Kratos, as Drax the Destroyer gets mistaken as someone cosplaying everyone's favourite angry dad.

Earlier this week, the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special Debuted on Disney Plus, bridging the gap between our last time seeing the team in Thor: Love and Thunder and their next appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Uniquely for the group, this special actually takes place on Earth for most of the runtime, as the team looks for a way to cheer Peter Quill up after everything that happened with Gamora.

This setup is the perfect chance for some easter eggs and references to other characters, but no one was expecting a callback to Kratos from God of War. During the Christmas special, Drax and Mantis spend some time at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where they see cosplayers and actors dressing up as the Avengers and several other heroes, most of which they recognise.

As you'd expect, Mantis and Drax are then mistaken for cosplayers themselves, leading to families coming up to them for selfies. You might think that this is a chance for Drax and Mantis to finally get some respect as the heroes of Earth that they are, but it turns out that Drax has been mistaken for someone else. As the family walks away from taking their photos, the mother can be heard saying, "You got a picture with the God of War!", which is an obvious reference to Kratos.

Who can really blame her, though? Both characters have a prominent red and white colour scheme in their outfits and skin, both have a certain murder-y vibe to them, and they're both bald. Of course, Kratos has a beard in all of his incarnations and probably has no reason to be hanging out on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, but we'll give her points for the similarity.

Let's just hope that kid gets the actual God of War for Christmas, and not some murder simulator with Drax.

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