Dying Light 2 Release Date Update confirms PS5 and Xbox Scarlett News and more

Recently a ‘World System’ was announced to play a pivotal role in Dying Light 2 and will be a brand new aspect of the game. In an interview with WCCFTECH Smektala revealed what this system was, and how it would affect play styles.

‘In Dying Light 2 players get to shape the gameplay sandbox it all takes place in using various methods and systems. One is the narrative itself, with various branching choices and their significant consequences,’ he then went on to talk about the World System stating that it was important for players to be able to shape their world with their choices.

‘the other is the World System you mentioned, where every action of the Player is being looked at, added, subtracted and accounted for, and as these actions pile up more and more elements start to appear in the World.’ This feature promises that gamers can expect the world of Dying Light 2 to be an ever-changing ecosystem, adapting to every minuscule choice.

The original Dying Light game was already a big and bold entry to the action-adventure post-apocalyptic genre and these new changes to the franchise suggest that Dying Light 2 will only be bigger and better.

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