E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison coming to Street Fighter V this month

A leak on Steam has forced Capcom to reveal three new characters ahead of time, potentially spoiling Sony’s big Evo 2019 news.

One of the original fighters from Street Fighter II’s roster is about to join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, along with Final Fight’s Poison and Lucia, but they weren’t supposed to be revealed just yet.

Somehow the DLC’s trailer got switched on ahead of time on Steam, and when Capcom realised the beans had been spilled they made the annoucement official.

The big question is whether or not this is the news that Sony were promising to announce at Evo 2019 at the weekend, and since the most obvious guess was always something Street Fighter V related it almost certainly is.

Sumo star Edmond Honda is the only one of the eight original playable characters from Street Fighter II that isn’t in the current game, so it’s only a surprise it’s taken till now to add him and his iconic public bath stage.

Poison is a little more obscure but was one of the recurring enemies in scrolling beat ‘em-up Final Fight and a playable character in Super Street Fighter IV.

In the Western versions of Final Fight, Poison is usually portrayed as being transgender, although she is not in Japan. Capcom has never been consistent in its approach to the character though, so it remains to be seen how her backstory will be handled in Street Fighter V.

Final Fight originally started life as a sequel to the original Street Fighter so the two series have always had a close connection, with several characters already appearing as playable characters in Street Fighter games.

This will be a first for Lucia though, who is the most obscure inclusion so far as she only appeared in SNES game Final Fight 3 as one of the four playable characters.

Each new character will be offered as DLC you can buy individually from 4 August (the last day of Evo 2019), while an all-in-one Summer 2019 Character Bundle will be released on 5 August – which will also include battle costumes for each character and extra colour schemes.

Other costumes will be available separately, as seen in the trailer.

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