E3 Returns June 13, 2023

With no in-person E3 since 2019 and no show at all this year, there was a moment where it felt as if the convention may well have become a thing of the past. That will not be the case as E3 will return to the fold in 2023 under new organizers, and the dates on which it will run and how exactly the new-look event will work have been revealed.

E3 will return in 2023, beginning on June 13 and ending on June 16. It will be both an industry event and also one that is open to the public. However, the two groups will be kept separate, for the most part. Those there for work will be at the event without consumers for the first two days. The public will then be welcomed in on June 15 and will have E3 to themselves on June 16.

E3 will actually begin before anyone from the industry or the public arrives, starting on June 11. Those first two days will be reserved for “partnered digital events and showcases”. Exactly who will be hosting those showcases is yet to be revealed. Notable developers and publishers have skipped E3 in recent years but may well return under the new organizers and this tweaked format.

Reedpop took the E3 reigns from The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) earlier this year, declaring that it will still run moving forward despite its 2022 cancellation. While the fate of the convention is yet to be seen, it's probably in the best hands possible. Reedpop is responsible for running other similarly sized, and in some cases even bigger, events such as New York Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration Day.

Summer Game Fest effectively filled the gap left by E3 this year, and Geoff Keighly has already confirmed it will return in 2023, as will he. That presumably means no Keighley at E3, and might also mean two massive video game events running very close together.

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