EA Says More Games Coming To Nintendo Switch, But Is Thin On Details

Electronic Arts is still on track to increase its Nintendo Switch support, according to the publisher. EA said on its Q4 2020 earnings call that it’s set to release “multiple” new games on the Switch, but it hasn’t gone into many more details than that–and that’s about all the company said in January, the last time it had an earnings call.

Right now, there are only five EA games on the Switch, with Burnout Paradise Remastered set to hit Nintendo’s system in June. EA mentioned a few other games it’s set to release through the year, including Madden NFL 21, FIFA 21, and NHL 21, but it’s unclear which, if any, of those games will also be on Switch. So far, the only EA Sports titles on the system are FIFA 18, FIFA 19, and FIFA 20; the other two games are Fe and Unravel Two.

We do know that EA has a lot of games planned for the rest of the year that it hasn’t announced yet. On the earnings call, the company reiterated that it has 14 titles planned for release between now and May 2021, but it only called out the five mentioned above by name. On the footnotes of its earnings call presentation, EA said it expects to announce more releases “over the coming months, including an unannounced EA Sports title, an additional EA HD title, four EA Partners titles, and two mobile soft-launches.” EA is also going to expand the platforms of current EA titles, according to the presentation, although it didn’t get more specific than that.

A lot of those releases might get announced at EA Play Live 2020, its summer game showcase, which is scheduled to kick off on June 11 this year and will be completely digital.

The message that more EA games are coming to Switch isn’t a new one, and EA didn’t give much more in the way of details during the earnings call. Back in January, CFO Blake Jorgensen said EA has been “very pleased” with “how well Nintendo has done with the Switch.” In January, Nintendo announced it had sold more than 52 million Switch units worldwide, but in January Jorgensen said EA had been cautious about expanding onto the platform because most of its best-selling games are made by Nintendo.

So it seems that EA still might be a bit cautious about the Switch, or at least about sharing information about its plans for the system. And it seems Switch fans itching for games like those in the Madden franchise or Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order are going to be waiting a while for EA to give them any tidbits of potentially good news.

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