Eat Food From The Last Of Us And Ratchet & Clank Through Deliveroo

Video games can appeal to our senses in a variety of ways. Their visuals, of course, which have enhanced an incredible amount over the years. The PS5 has also further improved the ways in which we feel and head games through the DualSense and its 3D Pulse Headset. There have even been games you can smell in the past, although they haven't faired too well. That hasn't stopped PlayStation from seemingly looking into that arena for the future, though.

PlayStation has now teamed up with Deliveroo to give gamers in Australia the chance to taste some of their games too. Well, sort of. Three restaurants that use the delivery service are creating three dishes lifted from and inspired by iconic PlayStation games. The three dishes are available to order right now, but unfortunately, they are only being created in Australia for now.

Mary's Burger Joint has recreated the steak sandwich you see Ellie eating in The Last Of Us Part 2, and The Italian Bowl is whipping up dishes of Thief's Pasta inspired by the same dish you see in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. However, the main event might well be a trifle created as an homage to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. It's called a Sirangian Honey Mousse and it looks delicious and exactly like something you might find Rivet eating in the Game Of The Year nominee.

“The worlds of gaming and food have offered escapism and enjoyment for Aussies when we’ve needed it more than ever,” PlayStation Australia's Director Of Marketing told Power Up Gaming. “Food, much like gaming, has this incredible ability to offer people a chance to escape the mundane and connect with family, friends, and even complete strangers,” Kenny Graham, the founder of Mary's added.

The PlayStation To Plate initiative is live now and will run until December 13, 2021. There's currently no word on whether it will be available outside of Australia at any point in the future, whether through Deliveroo or a similar service. If it proves to be a success, maybe we'll see some other video games meals come to life. Why should Mario get to eat all the mushrooms, and when will our Pokemon learn to share the curry we're constantly making for them?

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