Elden Ring Dataminer Discovers Cut Vyke Quest Line

Elden Ring is a treasure trove of cut content. Dataminers have poured over all Elden Ring’s 45 to 60 GB (depending on your platform) and have discovered so many elements of the game were cut by From Software before release. There’s PvP colosseums, a mimic tear quest, smoldering giant heads, a quest where you get NPCs drunk, and so much more.

And they’re discovering more cut content all the time. Dataminer Sekiro Dubi, who actually got the cut Colosseum semi-working, recently posted a video about a cut quest involving Vyke, Knight of the Roundtable. Minor spoilers ahead, depending on how far you’ve gotten into Elden Ring.

Vyke is a minor character in Elden Ring, appearing twice to attack the player during their journey through The Lands Between. He drops the Fingerprint armor set and Vyke’s War Spear once defeated, revealing him to be Tarnished himself. He’s also apparently the closest any Tarnished has ever come to declaring themselves Elden Lord, but was burned by the Three Fingers deep below the capital. He’s also the guy on the box art, which we’ve helpfully posted above in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like.

You eventually stab (or crush, or immolate) Vyke and steal his stuff, but From Soft initially had Vyke appear far earlier in the game. Sekiro Dubi found cut dialogue for Gostoc at Stormveil Castle that discusses "a rather repulsive looking knight" in melting armor. This starts a quest that would have Vyke appear as a summon sign just before the fight against Godrick.

Sekiro Dubi speculates that Vyke’s fight might not have been with Godrick, however. Previous datamines discovered Godfrey has a character model declared at Stormveil Castle that remains unused, so perhaps Vyke true intent was to kill Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.

No other dialogue or quest steps remain, and the rewards for completing the quest have similarly been cut. Perhaps Vyke can be restored in a future DLC, alongside a laundry list of cut quests.

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