Elden Ring "Easy Mode" Mod Has Over 50,000 Downloads On Nexus Mods

Not two weeks after the release of Elden Ring, an enterprising modder decided that 12 million Tarnished needed a little boost. Mod creator odashikonbu introduced us to Elden Ring – Easy Mode, a mod that significantly lowers the difficulty of FromSoftware’s latest and greatest Souls game, and the results have been pretty remarkable.

According to mod host Nexus Mods, Easy Mode has been downloaded 51,170 times since the mod was uploaded on March 12. It’s already gotten up to version 1.9 as odashikonbu keeps up with the regular updates coming out of FromSoftware.

For those who have yet to be introduced to Elden Ring – Easy Mode, it's a mod that makes Elden Ring "easier for frustrated gamers." The mod comes in three different versions, depending on how much easier you want your journey through The Lands Between to be.

Level one is the "Damage Edit Only" version, which reduces damage taken by 50 percent, increases damage dealt by 25 percent, doubles the player’s attack radius, and also doubles the amount restored by Crimson or Cerulean Flasks. The second version is "Damage Tweak + 10x Rune," which does all of the above and reduces the number of Smithing Stones required to upgrade weapons to just one, and provides a ten-times boost to rune gathering.

The "Personal Edit" version does all of the above again plus removes all weight values from equipment, removes the FP cost for Spirit Ashes, adds ten to all starting stats, removes all crafting material costs, increases weapon scaling, and improves item drop rates from enemies.

It should be noted that installing the Easy Mode mod will definitely trigger Elden Ring’s Easy Anti-Cheat program, so you’ll have to play the game in offline mode in order to make use of the mod. That means no PvP, no summoning friends for help, and no helpful messages from other Tarnished.

If Easy Mode isn’t something you’re looking for in Elden Ring, then may we interest you in this mod that removes the Bandai Namco splash screen so the game doesn’t blind you every time you boot it up. You can even use this mod without triggering the anti-cheat.

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