Elden Ring: How To Defeat Mimic Tear

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Sometimes the biggest challenge you can face is yourself. This thought must have occurred to the developers at FromSoftware when designing the Mimic Tear boss fight, an enemy that takes on the form of your Tarnished in order to halt you in your tracks.

This boss fight is a fascinating one, taking on the weapons, abilities, and stats of your own tarnished. However, with some tips this enemy can become relatively trivial. Indeed, whether you want to challenge the Mimic Tear on a level playing field, or use an extremely simple cheese, this boss fight is well worth experiencing. You can also poick up your own Mimic Tear Ashes after beating the boss.

Mimic Tear Overview

Located in Nokron, Eternal City and accessed as part of Ranni the Witch’s questline, the Mimic Tear is a truly unique boss fight. Infact, unlike the rest of Elden Ring’s intricately designed and lore-driven enemies, this battle is simply you. Meaning, the Mimic Tear will take on the form of your Tarnished; weapons, amour, consumables, and all. This results in an interesting boss fight that can very easily be manipulated.

Indeed, there are two approaches you can take to this fight, depending on how difficult you wish it to be. Firstly, for an extremely easy fight, you can simply enter the boss room with nothing equipped, and then equip your items after the Mimic Tear spawns. This battle will be quick and rather embarrassing for your tarnished doppelganger.

Conversely, fighting this boss on equal terms is an extremely interesting endeavor. Think of all the weaknesses your build has, do you have low poise? No fire resistance? And exploit those to your fullest advantage.

Mimic Tear
Location Nokron, Eternal City and Hidden Path to the Haligtree
Optional Yes
Summons Yes
  • 10,000 and 50,000 runes
  • Larval Tear
  • Silver Tear Mask
  • Blackflame Monk Amon
Weak to Everything that you are

Mimic Tear Attacks

Melee Attacks

The Mimic Tear will have any attack that you have, this includes light and heavy attacks, as well as Ashes of War.

Counter: Think of your build and what would work well against it and implement that approach.

Ranged Attacks

If you have any magic equipped, or a bow, the Mimic Tear will also have access to those.

Counter: Remember what you have in your inventory, remove any powerful spells that you do not use. The Mimic Tear may surprise you with them.


The Mimic Tear also has access to every one of your consumables, this includes your flask and items that give you buffs. Notably, the Mimic will also be able to use any pots you have equipped so be wary of that.

Counter: Not much to do here but be wary of the items you have in your inventory.


There are two main tactics for taking on this unique enemy.

The Easy Approach

For the smoothest ride, as soon as you enter the boss room, enter the menu and unequip all of your items. This includes armor, consumables, and weapons.

Having done this, wait for the boss to materialize, scantily dressed, and then re-equip your items.

Having done this, go ahead and attack the boss. Due to its lack of amour, and weapons, the Mimic Tear will do very little damage to you, while taking extreme damage from your attacks.

The Equal Approach

This approach will be determined by your build and therefore is hard for us to prepare for. However, keep in mind the strengths and weaknesses of your play style.

Perhaps you are using a bleed weapon, make sure to be wary of your bloodloss meter building up.

Overall, study your build to gain an understanding of the issues the Mimic Tear may cause you.

General Tips

  • If you want a super easy fight, unequip your items before the boss spawns, put them back on after.
  • Make sure you have no powerful items equipped that you do not use, as they can be used against you.
  • You can use summons to end the fight before the mimic transforms.
  • The boss is weak to everything that you are weak to.

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