Elden Ring Player Details Buffs Bosses Receive After Summoning

Most veteran FromSoftware fans will know that enemies receive pretty substantial buffs whenever you summon another player into the game. This is mainly to prevent the boss from being an absolute cakewalk, increasing an enemy's power to make sure its still a challenge if multiple players were to take it on at the same time. Before today, we didn't know just how strong these buffs were. Now we do.

This new information is thanks to Elden Ring and Dark Souls savant Illusory Wall who posted the information to their Twitter account yesterday. According to Illusory Wall, bosses receive a variety of buffs depending on how many people you've summoned into your world. If you've summoned just one person, bosses will receive a 60 percent buff to their health as well as a 50 percent buff to its resistances.

If you were to summon two other players to your world, the buffs increase even more. Boss health gets a 130 percent buff as well as 100 percent buff to its poison resistance and a small 10 percent buff to its damage. Other resistances remain at a 50 percent buff, although Illusory Wall does think this is a little odd and thinks it could be a potential bug/oversight that could be patched in the future.

These buffs even apply to regular enemies, although they're a lot smaller than the buffs that bosses receive. According to Illusory Wall, most regular enemies in the world will receive a 25 percent buff to health and a 50 percent buff to resistances, although this can vary.

However, if there's one Elden Ring player out there that isn't phased by these buffs, it's community legend "Let me solo her". In case you're unaware, "Let me solo her" is a naked person with a jar on their head that hangs around the entrance to the Malenia boss fight. Players who summon them will be able to witness "Let me solo her" completely destroy Malenia on their own. Because of this, the player has become somewhat of an Elden Ring celebrity, with multiple pieces of fan art cropping up on the official Elden Ring subreddit.

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