Elden Ring Player Finds Jesus And Double-Teams Against Satan

Compared to some of the weird and nightmarish things you come across in Elden Ring, finding two players looking like Jesus and Satan sounds rather vanilla. However, upon approaching them, Reddit user Mar_Reddit found out that they both not only look the part thanks to their armour and apparel, but they also selected spells and incantation befitting their roles – for instance, Jesus used the heal spell.

Thankfully, Mar_Reddit recorded a video of them meeting, as it turned out to be quite a hilarious interaction (thanks PCGamesN). The two surprisingly looked pretty tight when the player approached them – performing the Rapture emote in unison. He proceeded carefully, for fear of being caught in a trap both holy and evil. However, both of them appeared friendly and did not attack. That's when Mar_Reddit discovered their faith and knelt down to pray to Jesus via an emote, and later used the healing spell. He then proceeded to reject Satan by boinking him on the head with his giant sword, and Jesus joined in too.

I'm not the most pious person, but if Jesus ever decided to join me in wailing on Satan, then I'd surely rethink my beliefs. Satan tried using some dark spells to defend himself, but was ultimately no match for the combined power of Jesus and Mar_Reddit. However, it seems the lord works in mysterious ways, as after Satan was vanquished, the player with the Jesus build attacked Mar_Reddit.

He was hesitant to attack Jesus, given the possible repercussions, and decided to let him win. That's when another twist saw a Tree Sentinel ride up and spoil the party. Mar_Reddit tried to save Jesus – which is usually the latter's job – who ultimately fell to the Sentinel. This weird, tragic, and divine rollercoaster ended up with the redditor vanquishing the host.

Divine is perhaps the only way to describe 'Let Me Solo Her', the hero who helps Elden Ring players beat Malenia all by himself, wearing nothing but a pot on their head. The player already has 3D miniatures, summon based mods, and even cosplays modeled after them. If that's not the path to godhood, I don't know what is.

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