Elden Ring Players Aren’t Sure What The Grace Mimic Is Meant To Do

The first anniversary of Elden Ring is rapidly approaching and after a year of traversing the Lands Between, you would think all of its mysteries were solved. However, even with so much known about Martin and Miyazaki’s world, there is still one item leaving players scratching their heads – the Grace Mimic.

A thread over on the Elden Ring subreddit is asking other players if they have ever actually used a Grace Mimic and why the item is seemingly pointless. Naturally, this kicked off an interesting discussion of what people think the item is for or what they have been using it for.

One player has just assumed that the Mimic is there so you can take screenshots with a site of grace in a location where there isn’t one. Another player likes to place them on the corpses of their slain enemies to offer them “Grace” in their next life. However, the majority seem to just hoard the item and then sell them for runes. Hey, at 10 runes a pop, that's not a bad idea.

However, the item actually does have an intended use. Once used, the Mimic Grace creates a site of Grace on the ground with a guiding light that seems to point in a random direction. The guiding light points the player in a random direction and is meant to be used as a “last resort for those who have lost their way”. So, if you get lost in the Lands Between, just follow the light and you will eventually find something to do, or someone to fight.

When used during a PVP encounter, the random direction of the light could also be used to fool the competition. If you place the Mimic Grace in the right place, you may trick someone into thinking it is legit and following it right into a trap. Chalk this up to another Lands Between mystery solved!

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