Elden Ring Players Share The Most Evil Deeds They’ve Ever Witnessed

While FromSoftware games always encourage a bit of jolly cooperation among players, the games are often designed in a way that lets you commit horrible acts of violence that other people can nothing about except sit back and watch. Elden Ring is no exception, as fans of the game have been sharing the evilest deeds they've ever witnessed during their time in The Lands Between on the game's subreddit.

To kick things off, u/apexPrickle recounts the time when they were summoned to help a host beat a particularly tricky boss, only to have their generosity thrown back in their face. Just before the fight ended, the host severed the connection with the player to ensure they didn't get any runes or a Rune Arc for their efforts, a deed which u/apexPrickle calls "the most egregious assholery" they've ever experienced in the game.

That's pretty malicious, but it's nothing compared to the story that u/HoneyBadger66 tells. They recall the time that they were summoned into another player's world with the assumption that they were getting ready to help with a boss fight, only to find something much worse. Waiting for them was an evil individual who proceeded to use Ghiza's Wheel to kill Miriel the Pope turtle right in front of them. Truly maidenless behavior.

Murder is a pretty consistent theme throughout the replies, including u/dtilton who claims they saw another player murder every NPC with a Bell Bearing so that they could give it to the statue back in Roundtable Hold. For those who haven't murdered any NPCs, these Bell Bearings are usually dropped by merchants and can be used in the Roundtable Hold so you don't lose out on their inventory if they die. This evil person u/dtilton murdered them all just so they could have every merchant's stock in one place for convenience.

There are plenty of other examples in the thread, with even quite a few people bragging about their own evil deeds. If there's one thing you take away from all of this, it's that you'd best be on your toes if you ever come face to face with another Tarnished.

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