Elden Ring PSA: Use Homing Spells To Catch The Invisible Scarabs

Scarab beetles are one of the interesting mechanics in Elden Ring that make the game stand out from FromSoftware's catalogue of Soulslike games. They encourage exploration by providing a handy opportunity to heal both health and magic flask charges and provide Ashes of War. Some, however, are invisible and tricky to hit. Fortunately, a Redditor has come up with a handy solution.

CatPlayer posted a short video on Reddit that showed off their foolproof method for hunting down those pesky invisible scarabs. If you're not familiar, have you ever heard that familiar shimmer only to not actually spot the dung pushing beetles? Well that's likely one of the invisible ones.

They leave a shimmer of footprints on the ground and walk in weird formations making it hard to predict where they'll be. The standard option is to wait in place and strike as they approach, but this is time-consuming and you can often miss.

Rather than running around and windmilling our swords like the rest of us idiots, CatPlayer uses brains over brawns – fitting for a mage character. They cast Greatblade Phalanx and just wait patiently for the sentient magical swords to pierce the invisible scarab through its dumb invisible body.

These scarabs often have useful Ashes of War, so taking them out is worth it, and now with this handy tip, you can make the hunting much easier. To use Greatblade Phalanx you need 29 Intelligence, so it may not be the best advice for non-mage builds.

However, CatPlayer has the himbos and shieldmaidens covered. If your character is too pea-brained to cast the spell, you can instead use Rogier's Rapier's weapon skill, Glintblade Phalanx – you can get this sword from sorcerer Rogier in the Roundtable hold once you've beaten Godrick. Use it on the weapon or take it off and use it on whatever you like.

Stomp attacks and the Ground Slam could also work well for melee builds. The Ground Slam is actually so good it's been used to beat the entire game.

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