Elden Ring Steam Achievements Reveal More Players Align With Ranni Than Themselves

Elden Ring is certainly a difficult game, but it’s by no means impossible. Judging by the Steam Achievements, a little over a third of players eventually complete their journey in the Lands Between, either becoming the Elden Lord or bringing about one of the other possible endings depending on the player’s actions.

Elden Ring is, however, unique among most games in that Steam Achievements reveal most players opt for an ending other than the game’s default conclusion of just sitting on the Elden Throne. Instead, more players opt to assist Ranni the Witch usher in the Age of the Stars, as noted by Reddit user ShadowTown0407.

"First time ever in a game I have seen the Default ending lose to an ending where you have to put extra work into," noted ShadowTown. "Truly a community of like-minded simps."

To give this revelation a few numbers, 25.6 percent of players unlocked the Age of the Stars achievement, while just 18.5 percent of players unlocked the Elden Lord achievement. There is possibly some overlap between these two numbers as some players might have beaten the game to achieve one ending and then played it through again to unlock a different ending.

What’s interesting here is that the Age of the Stars is perhaps the ending requiring the most effort of all in Elden Ring. Helping Ranni escape the Lands Between involves making several detours that are easy to miss if players don’t research them first. There’s also quite a few optional bosses and areas required to gather everything you need to become Ranni’s consort.

It's also interesting considering the total number of players who've beaten Elden Ring. If we assume everyone who beats Hoarah Loux goes on to defeat the Elden Beast, then that means 37.6 percent of players have beaten the game on Steam at least once. If that value is accurate, this means the majority of Elden Ring players have sided with Ranni rather than become Elden Lord themselves.

Guess we really are just simps.

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