Elden Ring’s Song Lyrics Are Computer-Generated Gibberish

Elden Ring has enjoyed massive success since it launched in February of this year. What's more, with a number of 2022's most notable arrivals, such as Starfield and Breath of the Wild 2, being pushed into 2023, the Souls game is already a firm favorite to win Game of the Year. The game has an incredibly dedicated fanbase, many of which continue to search for easter eggs in The Lands Between. Sadly, none of Elden Ring's secrets lie in its soundtrack's lyrics.

If you've played Elden Ring, you'll know much of the game, especially its boss fights, has an eerie soundtrack. Most of the music featured in the game sounds as if its lyrics are in Latin. Turns out that is partly true, emphasis on the partly. Latin student Magister Organi has been diligently studying Elden Ring's music, as well as speaking to its composers, only to discover most of it doesn't mean anything at all, reports Eurogamer.

The first song Organi dissected was Song of Lament which can be heard throughout various areas in the game. Organi spoke with the track's lyricist and confirmed it is indeed in Latin. However, that's the only song in Elden Ring that particular lyricist worked on. Almost everything else you can hear when it comes to music in The Lands Between isn't any language at all. It's just computer-generated gibberish designed to further your experience of the game.

“I contacted some music producers who worked in Elden Ring and they confirmed that 99% of the lyrics in the game are not in any language at all and don't mean anything,” Organi revealed on Reddit. “The Elden Ring music producers explained that the lyrics were computer generated and adjusted to sound like ancient languages.” For the full story on Elden Ring's music, and some of the conversations Organi had with the people responsible for it, be sure to check out the full thread above.

Suffice to say, if you have been hunched over your desk carefully listening to Elden Ring's haunting soundtrack, desperately trying to find a clue to a hidden area or perhaps some DLC, you can stop. Sadly, there's nothing to find. If you're looking for something different to try in The Lands Between though, mods are the way to go. Modders have added everything from Darth Vader to a four-player co-op mode to the game.

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