Elder Scrolls Online Announces New Legacy Of The Bretons Dungeon DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online is continuing its Legacy of the Bretons adventure with the upcoming Lost Depths DLC. The dungeon-based game pack adds two four-player dungeons to challenge players. These dungeons will build on the lore and adventures of the previously released Ascending Tide and High Isle DLC.

Bethesda shared a little bit about what players can expect from these new dungeons. Up first is the Earthen Root Enclave Dungeon which is situated in a spiritual sanctuary for the druids of the Systres Archipelago. When the Enclave is attacked by the Firesong Circle, the druids seek out allies to help protect the many relics within. But will the consequences of helping these druids outweigh the risks?

Meanwhile, the Graven Deep Dungeon will offer players the chance to explore a Bermuda Triangle-esque area. This dungeon is situated in a strange region of the Abecean Sea where ships mysteriously vanish. Teaming up with former pirate Dhulef, you'll explore this creepy dungeon to uncover info on a legendary Druid King.

Both dungeons will offer new missions and rewards, like item sets and achievements, not found anywhere else in the game. Also arriving at the same time as the Lost Depths DLC is Update 35. This free base-game patch includes several changes and fixes, like an improved combat system and the introduction of bonus mini-events for Battlegrounds. It also offers improvements to the PvP XP system.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Lost Depths will arrive on PC/Mac, Steam, and Stadia on August 22 before arriving on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 6. However, a PC/Mac Public Test Server will be available on July 11. This will offer players an early glimpse at what is coming with the Lost Depths DLC and Update 35.

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