Elite Dangerous Odyssey Launches in 2021, Lets You Walk On Planets

The arrival of Elite: Dangerous – Odyssey was announced earlier this week though the PC Gaming Show has now given us more details around when this DLC will be available and what it will contain. It’s not just about soaring through the stars–now, players will have the ability to traverse planets on foot with friends, and more.

Odyssey takes the game’s previous focus on starships and mission-based gameplay and transposes it into an entirely different landscape. Game director Piers Jackson spoke to the DLC’s focus during the PC Gaming Show, noting that one of the team’s main goals here is to enable players to “take the journey from space down to the planet’s surface.”


This DLC will both add new content and showcase a number of redesigned aspects when it comes to the base game. Spaceflight will remain a core part of the Elite: Dangerous experience but now, you’ll have the opportunity to actually set foot on the new worlds that you discover. Players will be able to discover planets and explore their surfaces, both alone and with full multiplayer functionality.

Odyssey adds new planets and also boasts old planets with refreshed visuals, so that you can revisit old haunts and appreciate them in their totality for the first time. Jackson also described this next big content update as “giving people a new set of experiences to have,” though VR support will not be launching for the planetside features that Odyssey is adding.

Elite: Dangerous – Odyssey is now available to wishlist on Steam, and the base game is also available for purchase on Steam as well as the Frontier Store.

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