EPOS H3 Wired Gaming Headset Review – An Affordable All-Rounder

The new H3 headset from EPOS won’t blow your mind, but it’s an affordable, easy-to-use audio option for gaming across different systems. As much as I love my expensive wireless headsets, sometimes you just want to plug and play without the hassle of making sure your devices are charged. The H3 is perfect for that.

With an SRP of £109, the EPOS H3 offers premium sound on a budget. With its closed acoustics, the headset does a good job of keeping the outside world out, allowing you to pinpoint those pesky Apex Legends footsteps or hear the wind whistling in your ears in Ghost of Tsushima.

Available in Onyx Black and Ghost White, the headset looks slick and stylish, and blends with your front room set up nicely. They’re also small enough to easily stow away. A lot of gaming headsets are bulky, but this set is compact, comfortable with a thick, memory foam headband. Weighing just 270g, it’s easy to forget you’re even wearing them when you’re engrossed in your screen.

Despite that lightness, they seem durable enough, too. The braided cable is detachable and fully protects the wire inside, the ear pads are thick, cushioned, and easily replaced, and the headset itself is a mix of solid plastic and stainless steel, with premium faux leather covering up the strong materials underneath.

It’s not the loudest set in the world, but you can easily tweak the volume with a wheel located on the right ear. Because the switch is so flush with the design, it’s not easy to locate the first few times, but you soon adjust to it. The only other issue I had with the set is the size of the mic – it’s an absolute unit, and it looks even more massive when contrasted against an otherwise discreet headset. Luckily, it does a great job of blocking out background noise and reducing popping.

The H3 also doesn’t support native surround sound. While I had no issue picking up footstep direction in stereo, this could be a sticking point for some competitive players. However, I don’t think that’s who this set is for.

The EPOS H3 is being pegged as one of the best all-rounder sets – that’s the messaging EPOS wants to get out, and it’s easy to see why. It’s not really bad at anything, and it won’t blow your mind either. It’s just good quality in every area – a comfortable, lightweight set of cans with decent audio and a good mic. Plug and play. Take it wherever you need to. Works across all devices.

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