Every Pokemon Confirmed For Pokemon Legends: Arceus (So Far)

An array of Pokemon was shown off during the reveal of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Here’s a definitive list of every one to show its face in the trailer.

Last week’s Pokemon Presents was a big day for the Pokemon franchise. Not only were the long-awaited remakes of Diamond and Pearl officially announced, but so was Pokemon Legends: Arceus. An RPG also set in the Sinnoh region, but set long before the events of Diamond and Pearl. Trainers will have the chance to explore the region like never before.

A number of details were revealed via the trailer, including a vague release date of early 2022. There were also a number of Pokemon shown off during the trailer. Exactly what Pokemon Legends’ Pokedex will look like is yet to be confirmed. It’s assumed that the only Pokemon available will be ones native to the Sinnoh region. However, since the Legends is set at a different period in the Pokemon timeline, that may not be the case.

As for Pokemon confirmed for the game via the trailer, see if you can spot them all by rewatching it below. Then check out the list underneath the video to find out if you spotted them all.

  • Piplup
  • Spheal
  • Sealeo
  • Bidoof
  • Shinx
  • Riolu
  • Lucario
  • Rhyhorn
  • Chingling
  • Bronzor
  • Gallade
  • Garchomp
  • Starly
  • Staraptor
  • Chimchar
  • Budew
  • Pikachu
  • Turtwig
  • Cyndaquil
  • Rowlet
  • Oshawott
  • Arceus

All of the above Pokemon were featured in the trailer. A lot of those appearances imply that many other Pokemon will be included. For example, the evolved forms of Cyndaquil, Turtwig, and Oshawott. On a side note, this is the first time a game’s starter Pokemon will be from three different generations. It also proves Professor Oak has been feeding us lies for decades, or at best he is just terrible at his job. Appearances of some evolved forms will depend on the inclusion of stones and special items in the game.

Sinnoh’s Diamond and Pearl Pokedex was 151 Pokemon in size. Legends’ take on the Pokemon available to catch could be more, it could be less. What appears to be for certain is that the game will turn Pokemon as we know it on its head. Not just the mechanics and how we’ve played for 25 years, but also Pokemon’s history and lore.

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