Every Stray Achievement/Trophy Ranked From Easiest To Hardest

Even being a cat can have its share of challenges and Stray proves that. Though the main objective is to climb out of a city to return to your cat family, that doesn't mean you have to rush. There are plenty of robots that could use your help and other things to accomplish while you're climbing through the buildings.

While there might be some limitations that go along with being a cat in a cyberpunk world, there's a lot of potential to do big things. If you're planning to be the best stray cat that you can be, here's a list of what you can achieve and the effort required to do so.

Story Tasks

Whenever you play through a game, you will generally acquire some freebies in terms of accomplishments. These are the ones in Stray that you will automatically get simply for playing and progressing through the game.

Missed Jump

This is the first major moment in the story. As you follow your cat family on their morning walk inside the wall, you'll jump onto a loose pipe. The pipe will give way, and you'll fall down below starting your journey.

Not Alone

As you wander through the seemingly abandoned and dead city, you'll feel loneliness creeping in. Thankfully, some helpful signs will lead you to an apartment where you can download a personality into a nearby drone. This will be your traveling buddy.

Cat Got Your Tongue?

In order to progress through the game, you'll need to talk to a fair number of robots. When you speak to the first one, the drone translates for you, and you'll get this mark.


As you make your way through the underground city, you'll reach different areas and districts. You'll get this mark by reaching the Midtown part of the city.


As you progress through the Midtown chapter, you'll eventually have to go to a secure area where you'll earn this mark automatically.

Eye Opener

This is the accomplishment you'll earn by reaching the end of the game.

Optional Tasks

All Done

Every game has one, the accomplishment you get for getting all the accomplishments. While this could be viewed as the hardest one, it doesn't really stand on its own as something you need to do. It serves as a little extra reward for doing everything in the game, and you deserve it by then.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

This is received by getting the cat to put a bag on their head. You can achieve this in the Slums by finding a bag near the musician. While adorable, keep in mind that your controls will be reversed while the bag's on.

Télé à chat

Some cats are interested in TV and some are not. In order to get this accomplishment, the Stray cat will need to be. Jump to the rooftops of the Slums to find a couch facing a TV. Find the remote on the couch and click through the channels until you get the mark.


After the Slums, you'll reach another community called Antvillage. Make your way up, and you'll find some robots playing Mahjong. Jump onto their board to ruin the game but get an accomplishment.


Believe it or not, this cat will have to hit up a dance club to continue their adventure. Once inside, go to the stage, jump onto the DJ table, and scratch the vinyl to accomplish this.

Cat's Best Friend

Although you'll need to talk to plenty of robots to progress the story, that's not all you can do. You can show the cat's friendly nature by nuzzling up to them too. Though not every robot allows you to do this, you can find five that will and get this completed.

Boom Chat Kalaka

To earn this mark, you'll need to dunk a basketball. To the right of the guardian is a basketball at the edge of a slope with a trash can at the bottom. All you need to do is knock the ball into the can, but easier said than done. The ball is very sensitive to contact and can be sent flying or off-track at the slightest movement which will force you to reload the checkpoint and try again.

No More Lives

Cats supposedly have nine lives, and you have to lose all of them in order to accomplish this. What makes it tricky is that there are only two ways to die in the game, and they can be somewhat few and far between. Once you know of this mark, find the first hostile encounter and spam it until you're done.

Productive Day

What is perhaps the most infamous accomplishment in the game, the cat needs to take an hour-long nap. There are many nap spots, but the fact that you simply need to wait, leave your console on, and raise your power bill makes this kind of a chore.


One of the cat's main actions is jumping. There's a fair amount of direction letting you know where to go, so you won't need to jump that much. However, if you want to accomplish this, you'll need to be more enthusiastic and jump 500 times.

A Little Chatty

As a cat, you're able to meow, and it's arguably the cutest sound in the game. However, mechanically speaking, there's only one reason to meow before it becomes obsolete. Still, you'll need to spam that button 100 times to get this mark.


Another thing you can do as a cat is scratch things. You can find things on the floor or arranged vertically where you can sharpen your claws. You need to keep your eyes out and remember to do this in every chapter in order to get this accomplishment.


When you get to the Slums, you'll meet a musician called Morusque who has no music to practice. To accomplish this, you'll need to find all eight Music Sheets scattered around the Slums. Some are easier to find than others, but you'll need to check every nook and cranny to find these thin sheets of paper.


As the main aesthetic item in the game, you'll want to get the cat as many Badges as possible. Some are found and others are received for completing tasks, but be careful not to miss your chance to get them. There are six Badges in total scattered across the game so be sure to explore and look for robots who need help.


This is not a combat game, but you will at one point get a device that can be used to destroy some very aggressive creatures called Zurks. When you get to the Sewers, Zurks will be swarming, but you'll need to resist using the device. Run through, use jumps, and shake off Zurks frequently to get this accomplishment.

I Remember!

Your drone buddy called B-12 is missing their memories.Though they'll encounter some narrative-based triggers during the adventure, there are smaller memories you can lead them to find. Each chapter has memories to find, some obvious and others hidden. To accomplish this mark, B-12 needs all of them.


It's normal to view cats as naturally stealthy and the stray cat needs to be in Midtown. Security drones called Sentries are encountered multiple times in this chapter and the cat needs to evade all of them. Their movements and lights can cover a decent radius so take that into account when aiming for this accomplishment.

I Am Speed

For all the aspiring speed runners out there, this game challenges you to beat the game in under two hours. While this is definitely doable, you'll likely have to play through the game fully once just so you can plan your route.

Can't Cat-ch Me

Zurks are an invasive and all-consuming species which will try to eat the stray cat on several occasions. Most of the time, the cat will need to run, especially during their first encounter. This leads to a long chase with sharp turns and narrow sections as Zurks pour in for all sides. They can also leap quite far and fast to instantly latch onto the cat. You’ll need to run in an erratic pattern to avoid getting caught and get this mark.

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