Exclusive – Trigon: Space Story Launch Date Trailer

A new space-faring FTL-inspired roguelike, Trigon: Space Story, has just gotten its launch trailer. Trigon will launch on PC via Steam and the Epic Game Store on April 28. The developer is also hosting a competition where you can win a free Steam copy of the game.

If you loved FTL: Faster Than Light, then you'll likely enjoy Trigon. Inspired by the indie hit, Trigon features tough ship battles, crew management, and intergalactic space travel. Your crew will gain experience with each new encounter they manage to survive, better preparing you for what lies ahead in the vast unknown of the cosmos.

If you want to win a free copy of Trigon, you can enter the giveaway here. You can also check out the game's new demo on its Steam page, where you can also wishlist it so you don't forget when it launches.

More than just FTL with a HD skin, Trigon features a unique story of galactic conquest. Multiple alien species believe they have the ultimate claim to the universe, and will stop at nothing to prove their right to dominate.

You'll start the game with an ill-equipped ship and novice crew, but as you journey through the stars you'll find new shipmates and better gear to deck your cruiser out in.

You'll manage what stations your crew members man, how you'll distribute your generator power, and carefully navigate the galactic map to ensure you visit enough locations to upgrade your ship.

Combat in Trigon is intense, with battle occurring in real-time but able to be paused so you, as captain, can assess the situation and try to come out of it with as few casualties as possible. The AI opponents can use abilities like rapid fire to overwhelm your defences, EMPs to disable your shields, and increased maneuvering to doge your incoming projectiles. They can also boot up their engines to flee if they feel the battle is turning against them.

Trigon: Space Story launches on PC April 28.

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