Fall Guys And Halo Crossover Announced With Parody ‘Believe’ Trailer

More than a year after it was first announced, Fall Guys will finally expand onto Xbox and Nintendo Switch next week. There was a little bit of buzz about Fall Guys over the weekend what with Summer Game Fest taking place so close to its arrival on new platforms, but oddly nothing regarding any crossovers. That was until Xbox's extended showcase on Tuesday night.

As was the case with The Last Of Us Part 1, news that Fall Guys will be celebrating its arrival on Xbox by collaborating with Halo leaked slightly ahead of time (via Eurogamer). The trailer revealing what has been dubbed the Spartan Showdown has since been officially revealed, and even if you don't play Fall Guys, Halo fans will want to check it out.

The Halo series is famous for its dramatic trailers, the most famous of which is arguably the Believe reveal for Halo 3. Fall Guys has parodied that for its Halo crossover reveal as the moving music from the trailer is instead playing over motionless beans, frozen in time as they scramble for the sole crown. One bean has not been brought to a standstill, but even when everyone else is paused, they still can't get the crown. Sounds familiar.

Exactly how the new Spartan Showdown will work has not yet been revealed. Whether it will include new stages, or if players will be tasked with completing challenges to unlock the four Halo-inspired costumes coming to the game. Master Chief leads the charge, of course, and will be joined by Brute Chieftain and Grunt skins. You will also be able to unlock a Spartan helmet with cat ears, one of the more notable cosmetic items to be added to Halo Infinite's multiplayer.

Spartan Showdown will begin on June 30, the week after Fall Guys goes free-to-play and comes to Xbox, and run until July 4. While not confirmed, it seems likely the Halo cosmetics will be available to all players regardless of platform, especially since Fall Guys will have crossplay. The PlayStation characters added to the game, such as Ratchet & Clank, were available to unlock on console and PC.

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