Fall Guys Leak Shows Sonic-Themed Level In Action

Fortnite remains the undisputed king of the crossover, but now Fall Guys is getting a second lease on life, it might well give its fellow Epic battle royal game a run for its money. One of the next collaborations seemingly coming to Fall Guys will be another Sonic team-up, and if the latest leak is anything to go by, this time it will come complete with a blue-blur-inspired level.

Sonic and Fall Guys have teamed up once before, and you'll likely still see the occasional bean dressed as Sonic or Knuckles even though the skins haven't been available for a while. Both will return, possibly as soon as August, along with Tails, plus Super Sonic and Robotnik skins if leaker FGPancake's findings are to be believed.

However, the biggest takeaway of all from FGPancake's leak is the all-new level potentially coming to Fall Guys based on Sonic's iconic Green Hill Zone. Called Bean Hill Zone (nice) you can check out the leaked level in the video below. As you can see, not only is the design based on the OG Sonic level, but it also includes star-emblazoned springs and will task you with collecting rings.

The aim of this new level remains unclear. It certainly isn't a race or an obstacle course like a lot of Fall Guys' levels and looks more like Tail Tag or Hoopla. Set inside an enclosed arena and tasking beans with something other than finishing as fast as they can. Odds are the rings will play a part here, and you will either work in a team or individually to collect more than everyone else or be the first to hit a certain number of rings before your time runs out.

If the Fall Guys level above is going to become a reality, the belief is that it will launch at some point in August. Two years on from Fall Guys' arrival, and in tandem with the new Sonic skins mentioned above. Elsewhere in Fall Guys news, all of you who play should have received a free skin recently as a makegood for the issues some encountered with the in-game store.

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