Fall Guys Season 2 Release Date Announced – It’s Coming Next Week

It’s official – Season 2 of Fall Guys will begin next Thursday, October 8. The news was announced by the game’s uber-popular Twitter account, which also mentioned that a double fame event will run during the downtime between seasons.

Season 2 is set to introduce a medieval flair to the lovable battle royale. New stages based on castles, new costumes based on wizards and warriors, and plenty of deadly new obstacles to avoid will be coming our way on October 8. We’re still a bit light on details, but early trailers have shown off loads of new content for us to explore.

Based on player feedback, Fall Guys will also be more generous with Crowns this time around. There’s no doubt that stocking up on coveted Crowns was a difficult task in Season 1, but the developers were listening to everyone complain on Twitter – instead of the three meager Crowns from the current Battle Pass, Season 2 will offer you 21 Crowns. You’ll still need to unlock them by hitting different tiers on the pass, but it’s a great sign that the devs are listening to player feedback.

When Season 2 kicks off on October 8, you’ll also have access to a brand-new featured called “interface.” This will allow you to personalize a few more aspects of your bean, giving them a nickname and banner. The short video teasing the content was brief, but having another way to differentiate our lovable human-sized bean from all the others is a nice touch.

One Twitter user asked if all upcoming seasons would revolve around a central theme – like this one’s medieval theme – and Fall Guys replied with the following cryptic message: “Not sure – We’ll add levels in the future that aren’t themed though.”

Fall Guys is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC. Season 1 is wrapping up, and Season 2 will officially kick off on October 8. As Fall Guys is a premium game, the Season 2 Battle Pass will be free to all players, although we’re not sure if other microtransactions will be present.

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