Fallout: New Vegas Mod Adds NPC Who Crashes The Game When They Catch You

Have an itch to hop back into Fallout: New Vegas but want to make it 10 times more heart-pounding? Well, you are in luck. A new mod for the Obsidian title inserts an NPC that chases you throughout the game. If that isn’t terrifying enough, if this person catches you then your game crashes. You know, because life isn't hard enough in the Wasteland!

This new mod, simply titled “Avoid the Crash Man” is available over on Nexus Mods from modder KMFALLOUT. The official description of the mod states that it “adds an NPC, that if he catches up to you the game will crash”. In case you are wondering why someone may want a persistent game-crashing NPC to chase them, KMFALLOUT notes that it is perfect for challenge runs.

Additional information for the mod states that the titular Crash Man will begin in Jacobstown. From there, the NPC will chase the player relentlessly until the end of the game. However, the Crash Man is flagged as essential within the game. This means that you can temporarily disable them to make a quick getaway if they happen to close in on you.

While this mod may be on the scarier side, there are plenty of other, less panic-inducing, mods for Fallout: New Vegas. For instance, a recent one allows you to take up the mantle of courier with repeating duties to complete. Another, more literal, mod will immediately nuke the NCR soldiers who say that they want a nuclear winter. Talk about being careful what you wish for!

Of course, if you want to continue your support of KMFALLOUT, they have several other mods to peruse. As the name suggests, they center around the Fallout series. While they are slightly less terrifying than “Avoid the Crash Man”, they are still not your run-of-the-mill mods. They include making the Dad in Fallout 3 a possible companion and changing his name to “Liam Neeson”.

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