Fan Remakes Jak And Daxter In Dreams, Naughty Dog Reacts

A Jak and Daxter fan is creating parts of The Precursor Legacy in Dreams, and Naughty Dog has reacted to the project.

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, and to celebrate the occasion, Naughty Dog posted the game's original teaser on Twitter. Within the responses to the teaser, bandicootpage responded by sharing their recreation of Sandover Village in Dreams.

The short video shows the level recreated in Dreams, down to the music and animations for Jak and Daxter. Even little things like the way that Daxter holds on when Jak jumps have been recreated here, and it's a pretty impressive project. The Dreams level even has collectible Precursor Orbs for Jak to collect, complete with the classic sound effect. Even better than that, Naughty Dog actually saw the Tweet and responded, saying, "WOAH! This is so detailed and cool — incredible work!".

In response to Naughty Dog seeing his work, bandicootpage said, "IT FINALLY HAPPENED NAUGHTY DOG SAW MY JAK AND DAXTER REMAKE IN DREAMS". The bandicootpage Twitter is run by DazzlingDazzaD94, who has been recreating The Precursor Legacy levels in Dreams over the past year.

So far, DazzlingDazzaD94 has posted several videos of the remaking project, including a small proof of concept, a yellow eco test, and a small section of the Wilder Reach level. When showing off the Sandover Village level on his Twitter for the first time, DazzlingDazzaD94 said, "Here's my Jak and Daxter Sandover Village remake gameplay that I wanted to share. All built and done directly in Dreams PS4. Looking forward to working more with this engine in the future."

It's not clear if more of the project has been completed as the last thing that DazzlingDazzaD94 showed of the project is the same Sandover Village level that he posted on his Twitter back in 2020. If it's a one-time thing then it's truly impressive, but seeing Naughty Dog respond to your creation might push you to make even more.

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