Fans Think They’ve Spotted Star Wars In The Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer

Fans think they've spotted a hint at Star Wars in the Kingdom Hearts 4 trailer.

Kingdom Hearts 4 was just announced at the 20th-anniversary event and the reveal trailer showed Sora running through Quadratum with a brand new look. Surprisingly, we didn't get a look at any Disney worlds that might feature in the game, with the only hint towards them being Donald and Goofy looking for Hades at the end of the trailer.

Fans think that they might have spotted another one right under our noses. As pointed out by xenosaga7 on Twitter, one section of the trailer randomly shows off a forest of some kind. Although this might at first seem like a showcase of the graphics, eagle-eyed fans have spotted a structure that looks similar to an AT-ST from Star Wars.

Around the four-minute mark, several shots of a forest are shown in succession. Although most of them just show off woodlands and shots of nature, one of them features a metallic object in frame for just a few seconds. Fans picked up on it pretty quickly and are now comparing it to the leg of an AT-ST.

Although it might just seem like theory-crafting, the metal object does remarkably resemble an AT-ST, right down to how the foot connects to the leg. It's only shown for a brief second and is out of focus, but the shape of it is definitely similar. If it is indeed from Star Wars, then it can be presumed that the world will be from The Return of the Jedi, as that's the film where Endor is featured.

Star Wars being included in Kingdom Hearts 4 would also explain why the random footage of the forest is included in the trailer. The rest of what we've seen of the game so far has taken place in Quadratum, a city made to resemble Tokyo. There's no real relevance to the forest footage, which makes it seem a little more likely to be some kind of tease for Star Wars content making an appearance in the series.

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