FaZe Suspends Mew Following Sexual Assault Allegations From Streamer Ashtronova

In the early hours of this morning, streamer Ashtronova released a statement via her Twitter that alleges FaZe Clan member Mew, Kerry Nguyen, sexually assaulted her after getting her intoxicated on a night out. FaZe clan has since suspended Mew while it takes "all measures to investigate the situation." Mew tweeted that he supports the suspension and will be taking legal action against the allegations, writing he wants to "handle this in the right and legal way."

Ashtronova's statement alleges that she had been invited to Mew's house to be a surprise guest on his subathon. She claims she was flown to his house in Texas and on the last night of the subathon, herself, Mew, and other content creators went to a club to celebrate. According to Ashtronova, Mew started buying her drinks and no-one else, and once she became too drunk to stay he took her home.

Mew then allegedly kissed her and proceeded to have sex with her. "I’m pretty sure I gave consent. But I was drunk," Ashtronova writes. She adds that, " I just tried to forget it even happened," but after hearing other women's similar allegations of encounters with Mew led to her deciding to publicly come forward about the incident.

Ashtrovoa claims that following the pair having sex, Mew "made me swear to keep it between us," and frequently asked for reassurance that she had no regrets and had consented to the sex. "He’d asked me over text and over the phone multiple times. He needed proof so badly for some reason. That’s not normal, right? If you did nothing wrong in the first place…"

In January 2022, allegations started circulating about Mew from other women. "Those girls were accusing him of very serious things. All with similar stories to the one I have," wrote Ashtronova. She alleges Mew told her "they’re all lying and just jealous of him."

Ashtronova also alleges that Mew's housemates and one of her own moderators, Hawky, knew of Mew's behaviour and made a pact to keep it secret in order to protect his reputation. She wrote she is "so disappointed in that entire house," and following the other allegations against Mew she believes "his behavior is a pattern."

Since Ashtronova has come forward, FaZe Clan has acted swiftly, indefinitely suspending Mew while it conducts an investigation into the numerous allegations. Mew supports the organisation's decision and will also be taking legal action against the allegations. It has been further alleged that FaZe Clan already knew about the allegations against Mew.

FaZe Clan members have recently been in the news for a tweet with male members posing with women and the caption, "how many drinks to take them home?"

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