Final Fantasy 10 Is Getting A New Kabuki Play In Japan

More than two decades after its initial release, Final Fantasy 10 is about to return. Not as a remake or even a re-release for modern console hardware, but as a kabuki play in Tokyo.

IHI Stage Around Tokyo will host the kabuki rendition of Final Fantasy 10, which will be part of Square Enix’s larger 35th anniversary celebration for the Final Fantasy franchise. Cast members will include Kikunosuke Onoue, Shido Nakamura, Matsuya Onoue, Umeeda Nakamura, Mantaro Nakamura, Yoneyoshi Nakamura, Hashinosuke Nakamura, Yoshitaro Uemura, Shiba Nobu Nakamura, Hikosaburo Bando, Yajuro Bando.

Kabuki performances are highly stylized theatrical plays where the emphasis is on elaborate costumes, makeup, stages, and wildly expressive movements. Parts of the play could even be described as interpretive dance. Traditional kabuki performances are also extremely long, with some plays taking up a full day.

Given Final Fantasy 10 can typically take around 50 hours to beat, so a full day’s performance might be getting off lightly.

Final Fantasy 10 is one of the more beloved entries into the Final Fantasy franchise. The game introduced the Conditional Turn-Based Battle system, which added additional time-based elements to the traditional turn-based gameplay of Final Fantasy. It also brought us Blitzball, a minigame so popular that it somehow managed to sneak its way into Star Wars canon.

Final Fantasy 10’s kabuki performance is tentatively scheduled for spring 2023.

Final Fantasy 10 might be one of the best, but according to fans, Final Fantasy 5 is the most underrated of the entire series. In a ResetEra poll, Final Fantasy 5 took 21 percent of the vote, followed by a tie between Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 12. Final Fantasy 9 took third place with 17.4 percent, while Final Fantasy 13 came in fourth with 14.5 percent.

And a public service announcement for PS Plus Extra owners: you won't be able to upgrade Final Fantasy 7 Remake to Integrade if you grabbed the free giveaway of the game back in March 2021. This issue was just recently discovered and seems to be a bug with PlayStation's new subscription service, so we'll have to wait for Sony to fix it.

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