Final Fantasy 12: How To Defeat Fafnir

Final Fantasy 12 is great for players who love some extra challenges as the game features the Hunt system, where players can take on additional quests to hunt and defeat various beasts. One of these is the Rank VII Mark Fafnir and defeating it will earn you the “Wyrmslayer” achievement/trophy.

For everything you need to know about this mark, such as where to unlock its quest, where to find Fafnir, and how best to beat it, we’ve got everything covered for you just below. Happy hunting!

Unlocking the Wyrm Wrath’s Renewal Hunt

The petitioner for this particular hunt is listed as “Leeha”, but you’ll actually need to speak to an NPC named Relj in order to start the quest as Leeha has apparently already left to fight the mark herself. You can find Relj in the Mt Bur-Omisace refugee camp, she is standing just in front of some crates.

This hunt only becomes available after you have completed the Ancient City of Giruvegan and the Great Crystal parts of the story.

Fafnir Location

Fafnir is located in the Silverflow’s End area of the Paramina Rift, this is the part of the map that is split into two sections. You need to be on the western side of Silverflow’s End, so that means you need to enter it from the Karydine Glacier area.

Fafnir also has a certain requirement in order for it to spawn — it only appears during a snowstorm. Talking with Relj triggers a snowstorm to appear in Silverflow’s End, but this will stop if you walk through the Frozen Brook area. This means you have two options; the first is to travel from Mt Bur-Omisace to Silverflow’s End avoiding the Frozen Brook area. Or alternatively, you can opt to zone in and out of the Paramina Rift map from the Feywood area until you see there is a snowstorm, and then continue on to Silverflow’s End.

Battle Strategy

Fafnir has a hefty HP gauge and starts the fight with plenty of buffs, so first and foremost, you’re going to want to Dispel these. It’s also worth having a Dispel Gambit active on one of your characters. Make sure you keep yourself buffed with the likes of Protect and Bubble. Casting spells like Slow, Scourge, Shear, and Expose can help to make this fight a little easier too.

It’s advised that you have as many Remedy Lores as possible, have plenty of Remedy items, or use Gambits set up for Remedy purposes, as Fafnir will inflict many problematic status ailments on the party throughout the battle, including Silence, Stop, and Sleep. Equipping your characters with items such as Black Belts, Rose Corsages, and Power Armlets can help to mitigate these ailments. If you are particularly struggling with the battle due to the onslaught of ailments, you can hide behind the rocks to regroup and heal, as well as avoid attacks such as Shock.

Fafnir is weak to lightning, so using lightning-boosting equipment and using powerful Magick such as Thundaga will deal some decent damage to Fafnir. The fight will become increasingly difficult as it progresses, as Fafnir’s attack will increase as its health falls. It will start to use White Breath, an ice-based physical attack that inflicts stop, and as its health depletes even further, it will begin to chain its attacks. Because of the danger that this poses to your party, it’s advised to keep your party spread out to try and limit the damage dealt by White Breath, or if not, have at least one party member out of range when Fafnir starts to get low on health. This character can then serve as a backup who can revive any fallen characters from a safe distance.

A simple strategy to beat Fafnir is to equip your party with Mirror Mail or cast Reflectga on your characters, then stand out of range behind the rocks so that Fafnir is forced to only cast Shock, Sleepga, and Silencega. These will then all be reflected back onto Fafnir. You can equip your healer with the Opal Ring to ensure your healing spells still work and use X-Potions to keep your party healthy. Additionally, you can opt to stay out of range and only attack Fafnir with long-range weaponry, or choose to mix this method with the Reflect strategy too.

After you have defeated Fafnir, return to Relj in Mt Bur-Omisace and give her the Ring of the Light item you received for beating him in order to earn your reward of 7,000 Gil, Assassin’s Arrows, and a Teleport Stone.

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