Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mod Makes The Game Completely Real-Time

Final Fantasy 7 Remake made a hell of a lot of changes from the 1997 original. Rather than just updating the visuals, the long-awaited rerelease completely overhauled pretty much every aspect of the game, from the story, pacing, setting, and of course, the gameplay.

The original wouldn't wait around for you to make your way through the menus – if you weren't fast enough, the enemy would get another attack in. Remake changed this, with ATB mode bringing the action to a near halt. But if you miss that harsher balance of real-time and turn-based combat, we've got the mod for you. Clear Tactical Mode with No Slow-Motion and No Vignette, created by Masterotaku and Losti, stops the game from slowing down at all as you navigate the ATB menus, preventing you from tactically pausing combat while you form a plan, leaving you to rely on instinct alone.

The mod makes the game 100 percent real-time, taking away your ability to really stop and think about what move you should use next. It also gets rid of the usual screen effects, implementing the mod incredibly seamlessly without having to download anything else. But most importantly, it's an interesting way to add another layer of difficulty, especially if you've already played through on PlayStation before hopping over to the PC release.

This is far from the only mod that returning players will welcome. As we reported yesterday, a modder has found a way to enable chapter select as soon as you boot up the game, meaning you can skip any areas of the game you've had enough of, and repeat the ones you love on the new platform. New ways to play are being created pretty much every day, so it's always worth checking out the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Nexus Mods page to see what you've missed.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out now, and available to play on PS4, PS5, and PC. A sequel is planned, but we have no news on when that will launch.

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